Garden Store Opens!

Yay! One of our favorite garden stores is open for spring again!! It’s the one that has the model trains that I posted about here, and they close after Christmas and open March 1st. We expected to see flowers today, but they weren’t out yet. But they have lots of pretty gloves:

The gloves on the left are new (to me) and VERY comfortable. They’re expensive, but I may just have to have a pair of these! They’re a brand called Womanswork. They kind of look like my gym gloves except they have fingertips. I like the pretty colors of mud gloves they have this year, too!

After I took this photo my Mom said “Do you have to photograph everything?” My response, of course, was “YES!” I mean after all, I have a blog and I *have* to have photos, and I *like* taking photos. I told her to ignore the woman with the camera!

They had some really pretty pots!

Hey, what’s with that freakin’ plastic bag junking up my photo! I didn’t notice that until now, else I would have *moved* it!

They had some flowering bromeliads in the houseplant section (we had to satisfy our need to see plants by going into the houseplants section):




And I love looking at all of the seed packages (even though I don’t buy these seeds):


I can’t *wait* to see the forced bulbs, lilies, and primroses, etc.!!

Mono, With One Colour

I”m slowly making my way through the blogs I’m subscribed to, and found a post on the Digital Photography School blog entitled ‘Mono, with a Dash of Colour – Photoshop CS2 Tutorial’ which you can see here. I’ve been wondering how to do this for quite a while now, so I had to play with one of my recent photos of Mom’s amaryllis:


And decided to recolorize the anthers, because I’m fascinated with these guys (you know how fascinated I am with plantsex! – let’s see how many links I get for the “s” word!):


Don’t look too close at all of my mistakes. This was just a quick test! But this is so cool to play with! Although it is a pain too, because it’s not easy colouring within the fuzzy lines. . .