Best Laid Plans Changed By Snow

So, I had at least four places I could be at today. And I was going to do two of them. First the things I couldn’t do. I was invited to be a judge at the Central New York History Day again this year, which I would have thoroughly enjoyed. But I also have to get a specific number of hours of training at work to meet the state requirements, and there was a seminar scheduled for today to help meet those requirements. So I had to decline the CNYHD offer. Then we got about 8″ of snow since yesterday/overnight, with more coming, and the seminar was cancelled.

View out my window this morning.

After the seminar I was going to go to the Outdoorsman (woman?) show to see Birds of Prey among many other things since it was right down the road from the seminar. Or I was going to go to a movie at the Planetarium. Which I’ll talk about later because I still am going to go soon. Instead, I’m staying home shoveling and raking snow and doing laundry and cleaning house, and I’ll see what I can cook up. BTW, while I was shoveling, I heard all kinds of birdies. Yay! *They* know spring is coming. More later! Enjoy your day, whatever the weather is doing around you.