Acting All Innocent

Uh huh, the sky is acting all innocent this morning, like it didn’t do this

View of my deck that I have to clean off.

Or this:

Don’t worry, this is an old bike that I’m getting rid of.

But after all my work is done clearing paths, I’ll still think it’s pretty and be thankful for the extra moisture to take us into the springtime.


These photos were taken when I first got up.  The sky was clear and sunny.  Now it’s clouding over again.


7 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. mon@rch
    Mar 09, 2008 @ 10:38:34

    It is very sunny out still where I am at! Love the bike photo and probably not the best bike riding weather! LOL! I bet it doesn’t take long to melt away the warmer temps coming our way!


  2. wren
    Mar 09, 2008 @ 11:59:07

    For once, my part of Michigan missed the storm, though I’ve heard that parts of Ohio not that far south of us accumulated in excess of 10 inches, and record levels down in the Columbus area. It’s hard to keep in mind that there will come a time that we’ll be glad to have had this, but the spring and summer rewards of lush growth and greenery will be a treat in their own right. Like you, I can only tap into my sense of humor to face one more gray day right now.


  3. Liza Lee Miller
    Mar 09, 2008 @ 12:18:30

    Oh my. I think the sky should face up to what it did and apologize profusely!


  4. jayne
    Mar 09, 2008 @ 15:46:54

    Holy moley Pam! THAT is some snow! You and Ruth at Body, Mind, and Spirt can compare notes. Sheesh. I just simply can’t imagine digging out of that much snow.


  5. Velma
    Mar 09, 2008 @ 18:25:21

    Susan’s blog directed me here–and it feels a lot like home! I can tell I’ll return often. We got snowed in, too, up here north of the snow belt. Even the dogs had trouble making their way through the deep white.


  6. Pam
    Mar 09, 2008 @ 19:27:01

    Mon@rch – nope, not good for riding today!! The sun came back out for the rest of the (chopped off by one hour) day!

    Wren – I’m glad you didn’t have to deal with all of the snow! Yay! I can’t wait for the lushness of green, either!

    Liza – I agree! I think it started by being sunny all day after all!

    Jayne – It’s heavy, icy snow, not the nice middle of the winter fluff that is easy to move.

    Velma – Hi! I’m glad you visited and I hope you’ll be back! I hope your dogs were able to do their business without too much trouble.


  7. cathy Wilson
    Mar 17, 2008 @ 21:42:49

    Honey! That is sooo cute. The sky ‘acting all innocent’! I smiled at that one.

    Gorgeous photos, but I’ll bet you’re as tired of this winter as I am.


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