Saturday Cooking

Part of my Saturday chores are to cook a pot of soup and/or a casserole for the coming week so I don’t always have to cook dinner when I come home from work. I made Winter Vegetable Chowder again. Just because it is yummy. Here it is just after I threw everything into the pot to cook.


I was looking at the cutting board I was using to cut up all of the veggies for the soup. My Dad and Mom brought it back to me from one of their trips to Vermont a few years ago.


I use it all of the time. In fact, I need to season it again.


Since I had a box of Simply Organic Carrot Cake that I wanted to try, I made that too.

Carrots ground up in food processor. Mmm, orange, my favorite color.

Even though I like making things from scratch, this was so easy, it took all of two minutes to put together.

All mixed up and in the pan to be baked!

Just out of the oven.

Frosted with “cream cheese” frosting. Cream cheese is in quotes, because I used Tofutti’s cream cheese, which tastes just like cream cheese to me!

Wanna piece? It wasn’t too bad for a box mix!