More, um, Crocus

Well, I haven’t gotten out into the woods to see if the spring flowers are appearing yet, but I will! For now, here’s more crocus, but never fear, the daffodils are coming along nicely!

Daffodils are getting there!

You may wonder why I have leaves in my garden. Well, my neighbor’s tree which borders on my property doesn’t drop its leaves until after it starts snowing. So I always end up with leaves all over my lawn and garden in the spring even though mine are raked in the fall. And it’s still too wet to mess with picking them out. And I do compost them once I do pick them out. I have a nice big compost pile.

These are so pretty growing right in the sunshine.

This one has pollen all over its petals.

Ohhh, I didn’t know I had this kind. How pretty!

And these are some of my favorites.

Enjoy this sunshiny day!  Well, I hope it’s sunny where you are!