Wanna Know One Thing I Really Can’t Stand?

Hearing about people’s illnesses. I’m just too empathetic. Yesterday one of the employees was throwing up and she came to my office with her throw up voice to ask me if she could go home because she was throwing up and she proceeded to tell me the details of what she was throwing up. Now I am a very compassionate, sympathetic / empathetic person, but I really don’t need the details. Because it makes me want to throw up, too.

And another thing, one of the problems of working with women is having to hear when they are having their “monthly” and the details of that, too (and this includes my boss). WTF? Really. Details.  I’m a female, I don’t need “those” details, seriously.

And diarrhea. Why do I have to hear that someone has taken 20,000 Immodium things and still is having diarrhea?

Since when have we gotten so open and vocal about these personal things? I really don’t want to know details, do you? Blech.

Here, let’s have another view of the man with chaps to take our minds off of the gory details:
Ahhh, that’s better!