Happy Birthday, Dad!

I was making a phone call at 12:30 AM this morning and saw on my cell phone it was May 31st, my Dad’s birthday. A date that has always been special, just like my Mom’s birthdate. And even though he’s not around anymore on earth, I’m still celebrating the life that he did have here!

pg005-01-Ed_Fry_ copy
My Dad as a little boy.  Check out the size of that chopped down tree!

I’ve shown you a little boy at work that I absolutely adore, and my Dad’s little boy hands remind me of the little boy at work’s hands. The little boy at work had a fever of 103 this week and it was just about naptime so I brought up to my office, wrapped him up in his blanket and held him tight and while holding him I held his freezing little hands to warm them up. He was asleep in my arms when his mother arrived. This little boy just gets to my heart, just as little boy photos of my Dad get to my heart.  My Dad was born at home, which was usual for that time.


3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Liza Lee Miller
    Jun 01, 2008 @ 01:19:27

    Good for you for celebrating the day. My dad’s birthday is July 24th and I always wish him a happy birthday.


  2. jayne
    Jun 01, 2008 @ 07:23:05

    And I know he is looking down and is happy that you continue to celebrate him. :c)


  3. Mary
    Jun 07, 2008 @ 13:37:11

    Pam, sweet birthday remembrance. Little boy hands… Your Dad is loving this post.

    And look at the size of that tree trunk!


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