The Thing That Gets Me to Really Cleaning House Is. . .

having maintenance men in my home. I *hate* it. Really, I do. It makes me wild. So the furnace man comes to do his yearly maintenance on my furnace yesterday and he asks me if I mind if a trainee comes in with him. I say “of course I don’t mind!” Since I’m all for learning. Learn my difficult furnace, please! Now mind you, I had a furnace man here on January 1, 2008 ringing in the New Year with me (oh joy) and at that time he told me I needed a new furnace. So I was a freakin’ nervous wreck yesterday. Like waiting for a death sentence or something. So I cleaned my kitchen like fiery. For an hour and 45 minutes. I’m thinking “what the eff is taking so long down there? Must be the patient is seriously sick.” I cleaned the front of all of my cabinets, I cleaned anything else with a surface whether it needed it or not. I cleaned the sinks like they’ve never been cleaned before (kidding, I clean them like that all of the time). I took the stove apart and scrubbed everything. I would have pulled the fridge and stove out but that takes more than me to do it. And still they weren’t done. So I started washing my knickknacks and windows. I was waiting until they left to scrub the floor. You get the point.

They finally came up the stairs and I said “well, is it going to make it through another winter?” And they said yes, the only thing we need to complete is the bill. Oh, and I was nervous about that. 1.75 hours times two service guys has to be a ton of money, right? That was the best surprise, it was much less than I expected, and I don’t need to buy a new furnace. Phew. My old faithful, tough to work on, York furnace lives on. Phew. And I have a sparkling clean kitchen now.

And just for making it through my story, here’s a little pile of the sweetest fuzz that makes me just go awwwwwww. . . aren’t they the sweetest little beings?


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  1. Lynne at Hasty Brook
    Aug 02, 2008 @ 09:09:55

    I’d like to bury my face in them.


  2. Liza Lee Miller
    Aug 02, 2008 @ 11:23:16

    Utterly adorable! I’m glad your furnace problems were minimal this time! Furnaces are semi-evil creatures! Ours only goes out when it’s the coldest day of the year around here. Of course, now we have our massive wordburning stove so it knows it can’t get us that way and it’s behaving nicely. šŸ™‚


  3. jayne
    Aug 03, 2008 @ 07:57:36

    Yay hooray!! Any bill that is less than we expect is cause for celebration. Such sweet, sweet duckies!


  4. Mary
    Aug 03, 2008 @ 22:55:21

    Where did you find those Chicks? Warm fuzzies before bed… I love it.

    Hey, Pam. Glad your furnace is healthy.

    I had a construction crew here in January two years ago. One of the helpers needed to pee so I welcomed him into my powder room. What I didn’t know was that he had a very, very, very bad cold and sneezed snot from the time he came inside until he went outside. AAAACCCCK!

    Before he was even out the door, I brought out a bottle of Lysol and cleaned everything he touched plus more. Feel better now?


  5. dguzman
    Aug 06, 2008 @ 14:25:21

    I’m afraid to call the furnace guys out to see my 40+ year old furnace….


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