Some of My Old Friends

Today I went to the Moving + Playing = Learning theme for the 23rd annual Child Caregivers Workshop day (cool) in Canandaigua and afterwards went to one of my favorite tree learning places, Woodlawn Cemetery. I park so my first sight are rows of Ginkgo biloba on either side of the road


The bark of the ginkgo tree reminds me of a dinosaur:


And I love their fan shaped leaves:


To the left of this road is a creek. Look at all of those rocks. Where were they when it was rock flipping day?


I am totally sad because some of my old friends have really degraded over the last couple of years. Fungus all over this American beech:






And huge cankers:



I am so sad, my heart is breaking. That was just on one tree. This is the tree next to it:



I first learned about the decline of beech trees when I visited the Allegheny National Forest in 2004 when I read a sign in the Hearts Content area of the forest:

Look at the big beech trees
They are the ones with the smooth bark. There are lots of big ones. But they are dying from beech bark disease. Look closely at the trunk of a big beech tree and you may see lots of tiny white spots. That’s the beech bark scale. Within twenty years there probably won’t be many large, living beech trees here.

When I first saw the two beech trees above, they both had beech bark scale (I can’t find the photos I took of it), now they are loaded with fungus and cankers and decaying. I am so sad.

On a happier note, the Eastern Redbud Cercis canadensis have many seed pods on them this fall:


But then I saw one of the branches of this very big Chestnut Oak Quercus prinus has a huge problem:



Ugh.  Sigh.

I never really noticed the doors of the old building in the cemetery until today:


I love the trunk of this big, old Little Leaf Linden Tilia cordata



I’ll share some more of my old friends later.  Stay tuned!


4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Linda in Erie
    Sep 27, 2008 @ 23:37:39

    Wonderful photos! That door is very impressive/different. I visited Hearts Content last year and was so taken with the old-growth trees and seeing them fall, one by one, is sad.


  2. jason
    Sep 28, 2008 @ 09:12:32

    Fantastic pictures, Pam! I’m always intrigued and beguiled by trees. Like you, I think of them as my friends.


  3. jayne
    Sep 28, 2008 @ 09:17:49

    That’s sad about the beech trees Pam. :c(
    Love that door to the cemetery.


  4. mary
    Sep 28, 2008 @ 22:40:37

    Pam, you find THE BEST trees. I love the way you love them.


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