Fall Travelling

Now that it is cold at night I have switched my bed to my winter bed with my down comforter (not feeling guilty, there’s tons of geese around) and quilt inside a duvet, I don’t know how I’m going to even want to think about getting out from under it in the morning.

We went to clean up my Dad’s tombstone before winter, and saw some pretty sugar maples, not fully turned yet, but still, pretty:




And travelling through apple country, we saw lots of trees already picked and some still loaded with apples, trucks hauling apples in crates:


And crates ready for more apples:


And getting ready for the apple festival next weekend:



McCluskey’s used to be my favorite place to get apple cider, until apple cider had to be pasteurized (stupid, like we need to be protected from apples which are very good for us):


I’m glad we came through this area this weekend, because next weekend during the apple festival it will be jammed packed with cars.