Comfy, Warm PJs

I’m always in search of warm pajamas, especially at this time of year when the temperatures start dipping below freezing at night.  As I have to sleep with the window open at night year round, finding warm, comfortable, fuzzy pajamas is a must.  And now I have a new favorite, oh my.  PJ’s made from non-pilling fleece.  I was freezing before I went to bed the other night, and my Land’s End order had just come in.  Mmmm, I ripped open the bag with the pants first and put them on and instantly felt warm.  Then the top.  And warmer yet.  Yummy. Nice and toasty.  I highly recommend these Lands End pj’s to keep your freezing self warm!  It’s like wearing a fleece blanket made into pj’s.


And no, they don’t *breathe* like natural fibers like cotton or wool, but they’re so toasty!