Friday after Thanksgiving

While everyone was busy going to the stores early in the morning, we were driving home so my brother could make it to an appointment he had in the afternoon. I was still half asleep trying to keep myself entertained by taking photos out the car window. These are the early ones, before the sun starting showing itself:






I know this is blurry, but I love this bridge:


And the hills:


Here comes the sun!



Gas prices are *much* lower in PA. They have a store called Sheetz there. It cracks me up to say it. It didn’t anyone else. So I was laughing by myself.  I’m good at entertaining myself:


I’m still loving the hills:


Even though traveling is rough, I’d rather be doing that than getting crushed in a crowd of people in some store trying to get the latest gadget on sale!

Thanksgiving Day

We spent Thanksgiving Day in PA at my Aunt and Uncle’s home. Believe it or not, it was nice to get out of the snow for a little while (it’s too early for snow here)! When I walked in to their house this painting caught my eyeballs:


In which I asked my Uncle “where’d you get the painting of Cooperstown?” And his response? “You are the first person from New York to recognize this is Cooperstown!” It is painted by their next door neighbor who used to live in New York:

(I don’t remember her first name).

She also painted this one, which is across the street in Cooperstown from the one above:


Later I saw this old plate hanging which came from my Grandmother’s home.  This plate is of the South Onondaga Methodist Church:

This is the church as it looked in April of this year:

I also love this Grandma Moses counted cross stitch piece that my Aunt stitched:

We were outside Thanksgiving evening looking at the landscape and I noticed the sunset was going to be gorgeous:






Ohhhh, ahhhh. . .

I also loved seeing my Grandmother’s needlework around my Aunt’s home:


Thanks to my Aunt and Uncle for the fond memories!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


I hope you have a wonderful day!

Big Hint

I’m going to be working across the street from this building!


but I’m still going to be able to see all the little cuties once a week (wow, I need a new photo of this little fellow, he is growing right up):

Where I Have Much To Say. . .

but I can’t say it right now, until I get some details worked out.  But my work life is about to change and I’m *very* excited!!

I spotted this monument / statue near the end of one of our walks in Mt. Hope Cemetery:


I totally love the workmanship.  Just look at her dress, the folds of the material. How wonderful.


And all of the stuff she’s carrying.

I also spotted one last clover blossom there before the snow and cold weather hit:


More later!


Our first snow was actually on October 29, 2008, just a spitting snow, and any snow since then has been a spitting snow.  But this morning while I was getting ready for my walk, it started to snow!  And it stuck.  For a little while, that is. I love a little bit of snow on everything:


Beech tree leaves:

Beech tree end bud:

Tamarack needles, still hanging on:

And pretty red berries (any idea what this is?):

In the woods:

And on my return, the sky over Lake Ontario looked really ominous, like someone was going to get dumped on:

But the sky to the west was turning blue:

And the snow started melting.  But it was still colder than a well-digger’s rear end all day.

Interesting Buildings

Now you all know I love old buildings, but when I saw a post on Confessions of a Preservationist labelled Architectural Eye Candy. . . key to urban redevelopment? I had to read on.  And near the bottom of the post was a link to Village of Joy‘s 50 Strange Buildings of the World.

It was fun looking through this list, and then I happened upon “The Egg,” No. 42 on the list, The Egg at the Empire State Plaza in Albany.


This building has always fascinated me, along with the whole plaza.   We used to see absolutely wonderful fireworks in this plaza.  And what’s cool is as you’re standing in the modern plaza, you are looking at a wonderful old building, the State Capitol.  Back to The Egg, which is officially called The Empire Center at The Egg.  It houses two theatres.  And even though I lived in Albany for a while, I don’t think I ever went inside The Egg.  But I really never thought of The Egg as “strange.”

It was fun looking through the rest of this this list, and then I continued to part II.  And in this part II I found another building I am very familiar with, and which I didn’t think was strange.  It is No. 37, The Museum of Play in Rochester, NY, whose full name is Strong National Museum of Play.  Wow, now I’m going to have to go photograph it.  And the part of the building which looks like Butterfly Wings, too.

What buildings are you familiar with on these lists?

From Sunrise to Sunset

I left home at 6am yesterday morning heading for Syracuse (for a well deserved day off from the day care to volunteer to work at the Onondaga Historical Association – yes, I’m a big nut, taking off from work to go work somewhere else, but I *love* going to OHA)!  It was completely dark at 6, but slowly I watched a beautiful sunrise at 60mph.




I got to the parking garage really early and I could have parked on a lower level, but I parked on the roof so I could take photos of the surrounding buildings from up high. They have just recently redone the copper on the over 100 year old fourth Onondaga County Courthouse dome, and it looks great!


I love the City Hall, built out of limestone. Looks like it’s dressed for Christmas. You’ll see more of this in the future.

I took this photo of Fayette street looking west from the Fayette Street Parking Garage, just because it was there, and realize just now that I worked in two of the buildings in this photo. The second white one, and the Chase building.

It was still too early to go into OHA

so I waited in my truck and this little cutie came to visit:



I’m done with the photo session, lady.

Then I realized my Dad worked in this building when it was the New York Telephone Company:

Even though I had my camera in my pocket the entire day, I didn’t take any photos while inside OHA. That’s unusual, but I had things to do. Among them was helping with their Nifty Fifties Toy exhibition which opens next Thursday. Two of the photos in the exhibition are from my grandparents’ color slides and are of my Dad and brother! I’m excited they decided to use them!

On my way out, the Masonic Temple looked really photogenic with all of the lights:

WOW!!  Compare this a photo I took from the fifth floor of OHA back in December of 2006:
Yowsa! What a difference!  It looks beautiful now!!  I love it when people bring an old building back to life.  My Dad used to shoot pool on his lunch hour in this building.  Here’s an old postcard of the temple:

Okay, so I am now back on the roof of the parking garage, and had to take another photo of the new copper dome at:

with the temperature being usually high:

It looks beautiful in every light.

And the sunset was beautiful, too, but I didn’t get too many photos:

I love the silhouette of the leafless trees and buildings as the sun sets:

Goodnight, sun:

And the moon, oh my, I hope you saw it last night, because I didn’t get to photograph it! It was full, low in the sky and very big!

One HUGE Leaf!

How big do you think this leaf is? It’s hard to tell! When I saw it my eyes just about popped out of my head.

My foot is size 7.5 and it’s still huger than that. Nothing like a Northern Red Oak (Quercus rubrus) leaf.

And yes, I had a professor who hated it that I initial capitalize tree names, but I can’t help it. Here’s not here to mark me off now!

And yes, my pants are stupid with them rolled up.  I hate it when I order pants in my length and they send the wrong ones.  I’m too cheap to pay the postage to send them back so I wear them in the woods.  Or, I could get the sewing machine buzzing.  But that would require time away from being outside.  Or from making a quilt.

Happy Veterans Day

I used to call my Dad every Veterans Day to wish him a happy day, and I really miss doing that.  But now, I would like to wish every veteran a happy day.  Because you all deserve it.  I have a brother who saw quite a bit of action as a Navy Seal, and he has a very tough time with it. Don’t anyone tell me guys aren’t sensitive.


Veterans Day was originally celebrated as Armistice Day or Remembrance Day.  November 11th is the anniversary of the signing of the Armistice that ended WWI.  Ended on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month of 1918.  Armistice Day was eventually expanded to Veterans Day to include all Veterans, not just the WWI veterans.

Here’s the WWI monument in the cemetery where my Dad is in repose:


And in honor of my Dad and all of the other Korean War veterans:


A couple of weeks ago I started taking photos of the various war veterans’ tombstones at Mt. Hope Cemetery. I found the above poster interesting, because I took a photo of the Civil War monument I wasn’t totally happy with, because it has some cool details I wanted to show, but here it is anyway:


And here’s where the WWI veterans lie:


I’m not entirely happy with my Mt. Hope Cemetery photo set of the various war monuments, so I’m going back to take more photos, and will eventually share them here.

Anyways, I wish everyone a happy day!

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