Our first snow was actually on October 29, 2008, just a spitting snow, and any snow since then has been a spitting snow.  But this morning while I was getting ready for my walk, it started to snow!  And it stuck.  For a little while, that is. I love a little bit of snow on everything:


Beech tree leaves:

Beech tree end bud:

Tamarack needles, still hanging on:

And pretty red berries (any idea what this is?):

In the woods:

And on my return, the sky over Lake Ontario looked really ominous, like someone was going to get dumped on:

But the sky to the west was turning blue:

And the snow started melting.  But it was still colder than a well-digger’s rear end all day.

Interesting Buildings

Now you all know I love old buildings, but when I saw a post on Confessions of a Preservationist labelled Architectural Eye Candy. . . key to urban redevelopment? I had to read on.  And near the bottom of the post was a link to Village of Joy‘s 50 Strange Buildings of the World.

It was fun looking through this list, and then I happened upon “The Egg,” No. 42 on the list, The Egg at the Empire State Plaza in Albany.


This building has always fascinated me, along with the whole plaza.   We used to see absolutely wonderful fireworks in this plaza.  And what’s cool is as you’re standing in the modern plaza, you are looking at a wonderful old building, the State Capitol.  Back to The Egg, which is officially called The Empire Center at The Egg.  It houses two theatres.  And even though I lived in Albany for a while, I don’t think I ever went inside The Egg.  But I really never thought of The Egg as “strange.”

It was fun looking through the rest of this this list, and then I continued to part II.  And in this part II I found another building I am very familiar with, and which I didn’t think was strange.  It is No. 37, The Museum of Play in Rochester, NY, whose full name is Strong National Museum of Play.  Wow, now I’m going to have to go photograph it.  And the part of the building which looks like Butterfly Wings, too.

What buildings are you familiar with on these lists?