Dark Sky

As I finished putting the “Open” and “Welcome” flags out yesterday, with the temps in the 50’s F, I couldn’t help but see the dark sky to the north. With the sun still shining and the wind kicking up, I just had to take a quick photo.  The “Open” flag was positioned just right for the photo.  Note, there was a ton of snow here that melted over the weekend.

Looking north on Montgomery Street.

George Eastman House

Today I had the day off and what did I do? I went to a museum, of course! I saw Steam and Steel: The Photographs of O. Winston Link at the George Eastman House, along with viewing the museum at Christmastime.






It’s beautiful at Christmastime and the O. Winston Link photography is phenomenal.

Full Moon

I’m sure you probably all saw the huge, full moon last Friday night. And you probably got much better photos. Me, I was driving east when I saw it, and even though my camera stinks at moon shots, I *just* had to try to capture it.


Well, I failed miserably, but the memory of it is still in my head. I hope you saw it, too!

Ohhh, Ahhh, over the Niagara Mohawk Building in Syracuse

As I was driving up Franklin Street Thursday night I saw yet another one of my favorite buildings dressed up for Christmas.

This is the most beautiful, art deco building I’ve seen, the Niagara Mohawk building in Syracuse. My Grandpa used to work here when it was Niagara Hudson and then Niagara Mohawk.  It will always be the NiMo building to me, but the company is now called National Grid.

352 - Niagara Mohawk Building Detail - 300dpi
Spirit of Light on the same NiMo building, from the Onondaga Historical Association Photo Store #352

And I’m sorry I haven’t been around visiting your blogs!  Hopefully Monday!

“Bringing Toys From the Past to the Present” WTVH-TV CBS 5 +

Here’s a link to one of the news stories from the WTVH-TV CBS 5 Syracuse tv station from 11:00pm last night of OHA’s Nifty Fifties Toys exhibition!  Click here to watch!

Another photo from the exhibition.

Just saw Sean Kirst’s article at the Syracuse Post Standard website:  ‘More ghosts of downtown Christmas: Coming back downtown’ here.  I remember the Edwards store rocket in the toy store set up in their annex.

325 - Edwards toy store 1 - 300dpi

Downtown Department Stores, Or What Am I Doing?

Today at work there was a roundtable of the owners of the department stores that used to be in Syracuse for years until malls took over.  First I met Mr. Chappell of Chappell’s Department Store.

875 - Block108-W-1942 - 300dpi
#875 from OHA’s Photo Store

An old Chappell’s box in the Nifty Fifties toy exhibition. Remember when everything you bought was put into a box instead of a bag?  Chappell’s used to do this even into the 80’s, except their boxes were yellow at that time.  I think I still have a couple of them in my attic.

Then I met Mr. Rodormer of E. W. Edwards & Son Department Store.

326 - Edwards toy store 2 - 300dpi
The rocket in the annex of Edwards Department Store at Christmas time. #325 from OHA’s Photo Store.

An old Edwards box in the Nifty Fifties toy exhibition.

There were others that didn’t introduce themselves to me.  While I didn’t get to listen to the roundtable (pout) I really enjoyed meeting these gentlemen.  I wanted to lock the door and go upstairs to take a few photos, but people kept coming in late.

And I’m really enjoying my job as gift shop manager / museum attendant / webmaster / etc. at OHA!  I don’t know and don’t care what my title is.  Every day at least once a day someone comes in to tell me stories from the area or their family history.  I’m totally in my element with this.

Here’s a quick view of the Nifty Fifties toy exhibition, which is just meant to tease you to come visit if you’re in the area!

It is really cool, and it is getting quite a bit of press and people visiting!

I even submitted a photo of my older brother riding his new horse (which got passed down to the rest of us):

My New Work Digs

Oh, was I really working? I sure didn’t feel like I was, and that there is the sign of a good for me job, right?

I have to get a close up of the big painting behind my desk – it’s very cool and I know you’ll like it too.

My first task, besides learning the various aspects of my new job, was to help decorate for Christmas. In order to do this, I had to dust the tops of the bookshelves, and then dust the bookshelves because the dust was an inch thick (not really).

This is a work in progress, I’ll take more as we progress. And see the angels and various berries / greens on top of the bookshelves?  That’s part of what I did.

Remember I told you you’d see more of the City Hall? Well, here it is all decked out in it’s Christmas finery. I *love* it!

And as I was getting into my vehicle, I noticed the MONY building’s weather advisory. I’m not sure what rising red means. I’ll have to ask. And then I spotted Venus and Jupiter near the moon. Awesome! I wanted to see this in person!
Sorry, the photo isn’t that great of the planets.

Back to the work thing – I get to go back and do it all over again tomorrow! Yay!


Okay, in this time of environmental awareness, I am so not getting this.  When I was at my Aunt & Uncle’s home, I opened a can of something, cleaned it out, and then asked where their recycling was.  They told me to just throw it in the regular trash.  Huh?  So it goes into the landfill?  My cousin piped up and said, yeah, I just threw the phone book in the regular trash because we don’t have recycling here.  I about had a heart attack and a stroke.  I felt like I was committing a crime against nature.


In my little part of the world, there are different types of trash collection, which is paid for by me and supplied by my garbage company.  Regular trash, paper trash (including cardboard), cans, bottles and plastics (depending on the number on the bottom of the plastic container).  We have a toter (or your own garbage cans) for regular trash and two recycling bins for items to be recycled.  Two trucks drive by, one regular trash truck, and one with compartments for recyclables.  We are threatened with fines if we don’t recycle.

At work we have one big dumpster, a smaller paper/cardboard dumpster, and two toters for cans, bottles and plastics.  And it’s not reasonable, but in the long run, it is very reasonable.  It also takes up a lot of parking lot space, but this is what is required of us in New York State.  And it’s just part of what we do.  Break down boxes, wash out cans and bottles, and keep them all separated.

So, please tell me, because I am very curious, what do you do in your part of the world about recycling, if anything?