Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!  With the new year comes hope for a better present and future, right?  We all know it’s going to be another tough year economically, but my hope is that personally this year will be much better than the last few months!  Things I haven’t blogged about and won’t blog about, but you may have noticed my absence from here and from commenting on your blogs.  I’m not going to make any resolutions this year, because they’re never kept.  But it does feel good to have a clean slate, at least for a day!

The latest article I read on Yahoo! news is that Electrical Engineers are finally in demand in this country once again.  But once laid off from a corporation where I was told I was a high performance engineer/manager, how does one trust any company ever again?  And even though I could make lots of money as an EE again, I have two jobs that I am really enjoying right now.  Even though everyone is my face about working as an engineer again.  I am really enjoying myself right now.  And we’ll see where this takes me.  Too bad we can’t see into the future, isn’t it?  It’s kind of like looking down this hallway – what’s on the sides and what is at the end?

George Eastman House

Happy New Year!

P.S.  If anyone was able to see the New Year’s Eve celestial show last night – the moon and three planets (Venus, Jupiter and Mercury), please tell me about it!  It was snowing here last night (big surprise, huh?)

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Ruth
    Jan 01, 2009 @ 09:10:07

    Very appropriate picture! Happy New Year to you too.


  2. jayne
    Jan 01, 2009 @ 10:12:58

    A very Happy New Year to you Pam!


  3. Lynne at Hasty Brook
    Jan 01, 2009 @ 19:24:21

    Happy New Year to you dear Pam. Follow your heart- it’ll take you where you need to be. I love that picture. It really draws you in. Did you see the movie “Pride and Prejudice”. The version I have was made in 2005 and stars Keira Knightly. It is filmed so beautifully, focusing often on doorways and windows. I really think you would like it- it actually reminded me of you and your love for history and architecture.


  4. Mary Carlson
    Jan 02, 2009 @ 00:59:39

    Happy New Year, Pam. May you be prosperous in 2009.


  5. Liza Lee Miller
    Jan 02, 2009 @ 02:18:11

    As someone who started a whole new career (including going back to school), I have to say follow your dream. Don’t look back unless that really is your dream. Love the new look, Pam!


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