Oh My, It’s So Much Fun!

I *forgot* how much fun it is to have a camera that can zoom into the nose hairs of anything two miles away.  Or at least birds high up in trees.  I heard Red-Winged Blackbirds calling high from trees around the field tonight:



I *know* these photos & videos are nothing special, but these birds are very high in the tree, and I used full zoom, and I’m not used to having to stay very still yet. I’m still excited to be taking birdie photos, once again!

I rounded a corner and heard a loud bird call from high up, as if to say “what about me?” A Pileated Woodpecker!


To welcome in spring, it just *had* to snow here last night. This is what’s left after a day of sunshine:

This photo is so cool, except for one thing, the stupid boat:

How the heck did this milkweed fluff survive the winter?

Yeah, I wish I were this tall and skinny, well not that tall, but I’ll take the skinny:

Not for nothing, I know these photos are nothing special, but I’m so excited to be able to zoom once again with a non-DSLR camera. I have a lot to learn, I need to get the macro down among everything else, but it’s so much fun!

Oh, and it’s a Nikon Coolpix P90.  I”m in total love so far.  Next logical step, a Nikon DSLR.  Someday.