Macro Challenged

I am so macro challenged with this camera.  I will practice until I get it though!

Daffodil leaves!! Yay! Even though it’s only 30 degrees out today, soon there will be daffodil flowers!

The focus is not on the crocus flower, but I had to show it to you anyway!! I do love the fact I can flip the screen up so I don’t have to lie on my stomach to get these photos.

Lily leaves – soon there’ll be lily flowers!

Shagbark Hickory twig, with too much sunlight, but I’m not complaining about the sun.

I wanted to get the end, but instead it focused on needles further down. Okay, I’ll take the hint and back off.

I love the detail it captures, even though it wasn’t what I was looking to get.

Practice makes perfect, right? And I need lots of it. I *will* get this camera’s macro feature down. Any hints would be greatly appreciated!