Gargoyle, Up Close

Have I said lately how much I love my Nikon Coolpix?  No, I know I haven’t, because I’m so busy driving and working I don’t get to use it that much, but Saturday we got to work early and went out to take a couple of pix. Now this is what my SONY can do, and while it’s a great little camera, it can’t zoom in too far.

See that gargoyle up near the top on the right? Not really, right?

Well now we can! This was just a quick, hand-held shot. I’m in love.  With the Coolpix, not the Gargoyle.  They kind of scare me.

I still do like my SONY Cybershot so I can set it down into the grass to get macros of the little violets in my Mom’s yard:


But it’s nothing like my Coolpix for the zoom feature.