Moving the Archives – Day the Fourth

We just finished up day four of the move, and well, because of other things that have come up, we haven’t really had three full days of moving since day one, so we haven’t gotten as far as I wanted, but I still think we’ll make the end date.    One bay that we had set up with eight shelves wasn’t working for me, so we had to take all of the stuff off and break it down to five shelves.  We had to empty more than just boxes from two bays in the old archives to free them up to add on to the ones we have already built.  So now we have almost seven bays on one side filled in an order that will make it convenient for everyone who uses the archives to find the appropriate boxes.

This is where we were at the end of yesterday. Additional bays added, we still had to get rid of three shelves in the one bays.

This is where we were at the end of today.  I banged my head on the light while loading the top of the sixth bay. Note to self, watch head when near lights.

This is Ralph at the end of the day today. Even after working his hiney off all day, he still has a smile for us.

P.S.  Those windows *will* be covered up to protect the archives!