Not So Itsy Bitsy

I once again have at least one resident spider hanging around on the outside of my home.   She’s had the most interesting things captured in her web which I’ve seen as I come and go.   She usually runs away before I can photograph her.   But tonight I was able to capture a couple of photos:

You look familiar.

If you weren’t so edgy, I could capture good photos of your many eyes.

She looks like the spider I had here.

Moving the Archives, The Library, and Me

I don’t know what day I’m on in this move.  After moving every day for five days a week for what seems like forever, it all runs together.  But the archives is all moved,


the flat cabinets are all in place at the back of the archives (or front, or side, whatever),

What is it about these flat cabinets that I love?

and now we’re working on the library.

This may not look like much, but it represents quite a bit of work! And we have much more to go!

And since Syracuse China has taken over my fifth floor office space, I’m moving my office to the second floor.  Well, that and the director wants me there, too.

This was where I was working!!

No pics of the new office yet, because other people have to move stuff out. But I set up my desk/computer/printer/scanner, and went to open the window, and the window is huge, oh my! Pics to follow. But I will be glad to settle into archiving and etc. instead of moving boxes all of the time!

Hotel Syracuse

Last Thursday, June 11, 2009, we attended the OHA Medal Event Breakfast.  OHA awards the OHA Medal to recognize distinguished contributions to local history and to the preservation and interpretation of the history of Onondaga County. This year’s honorees were: Cathedral Candle Company, Historians of Syracuse China, William Pomeroy, and John H. Mulroy, the first County Executive of Onondaga County.   The event was held in the Grand Ballroom of the Hotel Syracuse, which was built between 1922 and 1924.


At this time, the Hotel Syracuse opens up its banqueting facilities for special events, but otherwise it is closed.

Grand Ballroom

Details from the Grand Ballroom:






View from the Grand Ballroom, which is on the tenth floor of Hotel Syracuse, looking south to the glacially formed hills where I grew up:

I have many memories related to Hotel Syracuse: My Senior Ball was held in the Grand Ballroom, I belonged to the Syracuse Ski Hawks and we had our parties  in the Grand Ballroom, and we held our board meetings in one of the meeting rooms.   Plus we had work Christmas parties at the Hotel’s restaurant.

It was weird walking towards the entrance with nobody around:

I wish I took photos after I was inside to show the large staircase to get up to the main floor, which was a ghost town. It was really weird.

There are so many details on the outside of this building, I could spend more time taking photos. The gargoyles are still hanging on:


I can only imagine how beautiful this building was when it was brand new. It’s beautiful now, but it definitely needs work. I hope they will be able to open it up again soon!


Miniature Rose

While shopping at Green Hills Farms before Mother’s Day, I saw the cutest, prettiest miniature rose. I knew I had to buy it for my Mom and that she would love it and take care of it. She planted it in the ground in her miniature rose area, and it’s doing great!



I love the color! Isn’t it pretty?

Moving the Archives – Day Seven

When I last posted about the archives, we were still working on the first side. As of yesterday (Saturday) morning before we started working, we had the first side filled:


the second side (to the left) and the third side (to the right) filled:


and we had to stop on Friday night because we needed to break down more shelves to build a third row, then add another bay on the end of the second row. Which we accomplished, and have filled the new bay and have the fourth side about half full.    I’ll take photos next time I go to work.

It was slow going this morning, because we had to move many boxes of  glass plate negatives and glass lantern slides.  Do. You. Know. How. Heavy. These. Are. Grouped. Together. In. A. Box???   Two of my male volunteers both work out at the gym and they were both having a hard time.

We have really worked our hinies off (only figuratively, unfortunately)! And I am happy it is my “weekend” for sure!

A Good Joke

So as we were moving stuff off the shelves in the old archives, I ended up using a chair to temporarily hold some stuff (not boxes, but stuff to be processed), and I told Ralph “we don’t need to sit down anyways!” He said that reminded him of a joke, which goes something like this:

Ford used to visit his plant early in the morning to make sure the graveyard shift workers were working. He told his foreman “if anyone is sitting down, fire them.” So the foreman started looking around and saw a man sitting on a box fiddling with some wires. The foreman went over to him, kicked the box out from under him, and said “You’re Fired!” The man said “I don’t care, I’m the telephone man!”

OHA is housed in the 1906 New York Telephone Company building

HA HA! My Dad, a telephone man himself, would have roared over this joke!