‘The Printseller’s Window’

Today I went to the Memorial Art Gallery because working in a museum the days I do, I don’t *ever* get to visit a museum unless I have the right day off. I wanted to see the exhibit last fall on The Printseller’s Window since this is an interesting painting, but I didn’t get to see it. I found out they published a book based on the exhibit and a print which I purchased.

the printseller's window
The Printseller’s Window by Walter Goodman

I was asking the very nice, helpful lady in the museum’s gift shop where I can purchase CD’s at wholesale for OHA’s gift shop, and she gave me the names of three places. And then she gave me a “reciprocal” discount for my purchases. Turns out, if I show identification that I work at a museum, I can receive discounts at other museums, and sometimes even get in for free! This is so cool to me, because I plan on visiting more museums on vacation!

Still Sad. . .

so still seeking out photos to make me happy.

2007-06-17 013
Liverwort and moss at Watkins Glen State Park

Some Days. . .

. . .just suck out loud and you have to do things to try to make yourself happy, like looking at photos of places you love to visit:

Ginkgo biloba trees in Woodlawn Cemetery, Canandaigua

My Retro Photo on Facebook

My high school graduation – I’ll never forget it. It was held in the Onondaga County War Memorial, and my Dad’s Dad was in the hospital (and ended up dying), so my poor Dad was tired from all of his family obligations, plus he worked out of town, so, even though we both have smiles on our faces, and I was happy to graduate, it was also a sad time, because my Grandpa was so sick. Anyway, this is the photo I chose to use as my retro photo on Facebook.

West Genesee Senior High School graduation.

What I Miss

I spent a lot of time in the car on my day off due to a traffic issue on the highway, and listened to “Whatever” where they were asking “what do you miss from years gone by,” and I couldn’t really think of anything, except to be a kid without the huge adult responsibilities, but I hated being a kid because I grew up when parents were really tough on their kids.

Anyway, I just came up with what I miss.  I miss eating whatever the heck we wanted to, and eating whatever we wanted to really didn’t include any junk food except an occasional half-moon cookie or ice-cream.  We ate really good and we ate everything whole, as in whole milk, cheese, etc.   My Mom and I baked bread and cookies and pies and nobody was obese.  We ate three squares, and my parents allowed us to eat whatever we wanted to after school.

At my grandparents’ home. Wow, it sucks to think three people sitting at this table are gone from us.

So what happened? People told us, don’t eat fats, don’t eat sugars, don’t eat this, don’t eat that, here have this fake “sugar,” fake this, fake that. When I was kid we did not sit around the house playing computer games, txting, watching TV and whatever else. We were *very* active. I know there’s more that’s happened, but let me just say, I miss being able to cook and eat the way we used to.

Another Beautiful Sunset

While driving home tonight, I realized I left my camera in my backpack in the backseat, but alas, I always have my cellphone up front with me (for the most part) so I took a beautiful sunset with it, and it didn’t turn out as beautiful as it looked in real life, but you get the idea:

(also a very dirty windshield doesn’t help).

Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge

This is one place I need to go to soon!!  I see it every time I drive on the Thruway.  I have seen tons of birds migrating over this area several times.  This is definitely a place to check out.

Montezuma National Wildlife Refuge

Dead Trees

In a certain place on the Thruway, on both sides of the highway, are these dead trees. I wonder what changed in the landscape on either side to cause all of this death.

Dead trees on the north side of Thruway.  I see the same thing on the south side.


It was so nice to see both the sunrise and sunset today after days of nothing but clouds and snow.


iTunes Store Issues – Still

So I haven’t been to iTunes in a while, hoping that they had the store problem fixed, and indeed, it still looks like crap:


I mean, really, this is exhausting.  Please, can someone tell me what I need to do to fix this problem?

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