Day: January 1, 2010

Getting Outside

Since I consider New Year’s day a real gift – a day off from work and long distance traveling, and just for doing whatever I want, I went outside, for a little while.  There was  a cold wind which altered my walking plans since I was too lazy to drive back home to put on more clothes.  First stop was gas and a car wash.  Had to be patient at the car wash while lady had to figure out how to get cash into machine.  So I snapped a few sky photos, since the sky looked kind of mean:

View of sky looking up at Rt104W

Then I drove up to Lake Ontario. There was one park I really wanted to go into, but the gates were closed. The lake was pounding on the shore and would have made for some great photos. Instead, I drove down to Irondequoit Bay, and the wind was even meaner down there, so I took a pic from where I could park my car, towards the lake. By then the sun had come out:

Looking towards Lake Ontario from Irondequoit Bay’s east side.

I love living near this lake. I sleep with my windows open, even now, and smell the lake air all night long. Makes for great sleeping.  Also makes it hard for me to wake up because it makes me sooo relaxed.


New Year’s Day Tradition

As I was talking to one of my friends this morning, I asked him what he was going to do with his five year old daughter today.  He said he didn’t know yet.  I told him to start a tradition!  And as I said this, it reminded me of what my Dad’s New Year’s Day tradition was when I was growing up.  He would always make Maple Syrup Candy.  I haven’t made it in years so I don’t have any pics, but I haven’t forgotten how to make it.

Sugar Maple tree

This also brought to mind another recipe that my Dad liked and we would make every once in a while:  Condensed Milk Pudding.   I haven’t made this is years either, so again, no pics, but I wanted to post the recipe before it got lost.

So what New Year’s Day tradition(s) did you or do you have?