Girder and Panel Building Set

OHA has it’s yearly toy exhibit up again this year, Toys From Your Childhood:  The Psychedelic Sixties! Yes, this is my childhood time period, and I must say, we had some awesome toys!  This is part of the pre-‘keep your children safe from everything that could possibly hurt them’ era.  What we do to “build” this exhibit is ask the public to lend us their toys.  We got in many, many toys, which brought back many memories!

However, when the front desk attendant told me someone came in to donate the Girder and Panel Building Set, my heart started beating fast!  My brother used to have this set, and of course, I played with it, too.  I took the set up to the fifth floor and opened the box and started playing with it.  Tom, the Curator, decided to put it out on the floor for children (and adults like me) to play with, and indeed, they are playing with it, as this pic shows!

Girder and Panel Building Set at the OHA Toys From Your Childhood: The Psychedelic Sixties!