Today was definitely a day full of photo opps, iff (if and only if) I didn’t have my hands g-l-u-e-d to my steering wheel the whole way to work.  Oh my, I wanted to show you the wicked snow-covered roads, the intense snow-fall and white-outs, the way the snow made barns and trees look beautiful, etc. etc.   But instead, all I have is a pic I took out my back door after I got home tonight – and it is still snowing, but at least the blowing has settled down.  My Nikon didn’t capture the snow flakes as it was sucking in light and I’m too lazy (tired?) to force it to capture snow flakes.  If you look closely you can see the thin blurred lines which represent snow flakes:

Photo out my back door tonight – it’s still snowing!  P.S. The white rectangular thing to the right of the thermometer and post is a sensor to a monitor inside my home so I know the outside temperature without having to squint to read the one to the left of the post.