‘The Printseller’s Window’

Today I went to the Memorial Art Gallery because working in a museum the days I do, I don’t *ever* get to visit a museum unless I have the right day off. I wanted to see the exhibit last fall on The Printseller’s Window since this is an interesting painting, but I didn’t get to see it. I found out they published a book based on the exhibit and a print which I purchased.

the printseller's window
The Printseller’s Window by Walter Goodman

I was asking the very nice, helpful lady in the museum’s gift shop where I can purchase CD’s at wholesale for OHA’s gift shop, and she gave me the names of three places. And then she gave me a “reciprocal” discount for my purchases. Turns out, if I show identification that I work at a museum, I can receive discounts at other museums, and sometimes even get in for free! This is so cool to me, because I plan on visiting more museums on vacation!