Badly Damaged Negatives

I have inherited quite a backlog of collections to accession at work, and spend a little bit of time each week going through them to create the necessary paperwork and put them in the archives.  This past week I came across a small collection of negatives.  Anyone that knows anything about me, knows I *love* photographs, and this you may not know, but their associated negatives.  We have so many cool negatives in our collections, but that’s a subject for another day.  This week, I was concerned about this collection, because some of the negatives are badly damaged.  I carefully carried them home with the intention of scanning them using my HP scanner (which will scan in almost any sized negative).

These are two examples of the negatives.  I was not sure I was going to be able to get anything out of them.

Ugh, please excuse the blurriness of this photo, but you get the idea of the condition of the negative:

Are these sad, or what?

But I stuck them on my scan bed, and here’s what I ended up with! Here’s the first one:
Courtesy of the Onondaga Historical Association

And the second one:
Courtesy of the Onondaga Historical Association

So my point is, please don’t give up on these scary looking negatives!! You may be able to scan them and then store the originals in the appropriate achives. The only Photoshop tools I used on these photos is to make them grayscale and to crop them. That’s it. Not too bad, huh?