A Lull in the Snow

There is another snow front coming from the east (unusual) but at 5:45pm the snow has stopped and I captured clearing skies and the moon.

A little sun to the southwest:

Snow on the Norway Spruces and other evergreen I haven’t id’d yet:



Snow on Rose of Sharon:

And Silver Maple:


And the moon in the east:

Snowed In

I got up at 4:30am to get ready for work and saw that my road wasn’t plowed yet.  I got ready and at 5:45am my road and driveway were still not plowed.  So what I had said to co-workers yesterday at work, that I may get stuck at home (today), came true.  I hate when that happens.  I don’t know what time the road got plowed, but my driveway didn’t get plowed, with all of it’s 15″, until 2:14pm.  I can bet my snow plow guy tried this morning but since my road wasn’t plowed, I’m sure he had lots of other places to plow.  So I worked from home today.  And I realize I don’t really like working from home.  I mean every once in a while it might be okay, but to have it forced on me is yucky.  I like going to work and I like interacting with my co-workers and (nice) patrons.

I was talking to a guy who worked at the Grand Canyon, and he told me that in the winter, psychologists need to go to help the Grand Canyon staff because it gets crazy lonely up there.  And I felt that way just a bit today.  Being *stuck* at home kind of made me wild.

Icicles hanging from an unheated garage?  Go figure:

Full driveway, this morning, at about 12″:

Yay, 2:14pm and snow plow guy shows up:

Yay! Plowed driveway. I had to get rid of those dingle-berries near the garage, and they were very heavy!

Snow is too heavy to move except where I need to walk on the deck:

Snow is pretty on the trees and shrubs. I hope it isn’t too heavy for them:


It is still snowing. Good for downhill skiing, that’s for sure! Too bad I don’t ski anymore!