Six Deer

I mentioned on my FB page that I saw six deer the other night in my backyard, but was too lazy to take a photo.  The next morning the six deer were in my yard once again, so here’s a photo I took.  However, you can’t really see the six deer, but they are there, I did count them!

Six deer

Who ARE you and what have you done with ME?

If you’re a male, you may want to skip this.  You may want to skip it if you’re a female.  I wish I could skip it.  Not really.

Yarb Woman, Cornell Plantations

So I’ve noticed this angry, emotional me coming out recently that I REALLY DO NOT LIKE.  And finally, recently, when I was supposed to get my ‘monthly’ and it came for one quick second and left, and I didn’t feel the wonderful surge of estrogen flowing through my body, I just paid really close attention to my body for a week.  Well, when I started crying my eyes out Sunday night over two stupid things and I couldn’t stop until a friend of mine just happened to call and I kept crying to him and he didn’t know wtf to do, except to tell me to go to bed and sleep good, I realized it was time to take action.  So I called my Mom, and she confirmed that emotions are all over the place and that feeling like a wreck due to hormones is what happens, and that I needed to read about it and take care of it.  And being a Master of Herbology, being taught by some great herbalists, I reached out to some of my herbal instructors and this is what one of them has to say:

Menopause & What To Do About It

“In the clinic, the first thing I reached for was my Female Formula. Just one of the ways my Female Formula helps is by creating better communication between the hypothalamus and the pituitary in the brain and the ovaries. Consequently, it helps your body to slowly reduce your hormone levels during menopause, over a period of time instead of the BIG CRASH.”

— Dr. Schulze
I have his FEM + formula in the house for PMS, so I’ve started taking that, and what a difference it makes already.  This and making SURE I get to the gym at least four times a week, and getting the extraordinary amount of sleep that I seem to require right now, will also help.  Loving my Mom, loving my herbs, loving my instructors Dr. Schulze and David Christopher, and soon to be loving ME again.