Festival of Sail, Port of Oswego

Saturday night we went to the Festival of Sail at the Port of Oswego.  The sky was overcast so there weren’t very many people there, but I enjoyed it – it was the perfect temperature!


The Lynx was sitting beyond the break wall for a while.


Here’s the Pride of Baltimore II:



And the Tallship Unicorn:




The Syracuse of Syracuse, NY:


And the LT-5 Tug Major Elisha K. Henson:




A derrick on land:


The Lynx heading back, motoring because there wasn’t much wind.  I was disappointed because I wanted to see the sails!





We had sweet potato fries – these seem to be becoming more popular!  Then we went swimming in Lake Ontario – well, I hung my feet in the lake, because the lake kind of grosses me out – while others went swimming.

And then we went to Rudy’s Lakeside Drive-In – I was so hungry I forgot to take pics!  But we sat next to Lake Ontario eating our fish sandwich, mmmm.

We then walked around Oswego, but it was too dark to take any more photos, but we’ll be going back!

Sweetheart Market

I was so bummed when doing some research in North Syracuse, we passed by Sweetheart Corner on the southwest corner of Rt 11 and Taft Rd, and the only thing left is the sign!


I used to go grocery shopping at Sweetheart Market in the early ’80’s when I lived in North Syracuse for a couple of years, back when I refused to go to Wegmans except for the double coupons. I did a search on the Post-Standard archives website, and found it closed in July of 2003, due to loss of sales to the big chains.  Bummer! At least the sign remains there! But you won’t catch me going into this Rite-Aid store.  Change is not always good!

Stella’s Diner

One of my most favorite places to eat (now that Plainville’s Nature’s Faire has closed) is Stella’s Diner.


Stella’s has excellent food at a reasonable price, and it totally tastes homemade. My favorite right now, is the veggie burger, home fries (real potatoes with onions) and veggies, mmmmmm.


Now where can you get food like this nowadays at a price you can afford? And it’s always packed, so we asked one of the cooks (who we know) what time is the best time to go.


And now that we know, we get right in, mmmmmm. I’m not telling, cuz I don’t want it to be too packed when I’m able to go!

Jamesville Balloon Festival

This past weekend, after work, we went to the Jamesville Balloon Festival.  We caught it at the perfect time, when the balloons were being filled and taking off! They’re so pretty!










Goodbye balloons! ‘Til next time!


By now, if you’ve been following my blog for any length of time, you know that I’m a train geek, and lately I’ve been called a railroad fanette, which I don’t know if I like or not, but either way, I like trains. We were waiting on this platform on Saturday night for any train that would pass by in either direction.

At first I captured an Amtrak train, then another train, but I talked in the middle of it (duh!) Here’s my last train capture of the night. As I was capturing this train, I felt I was really too close to it, so in the middle I backed up a bit.

If you can’t see the video on my blog, please go here:  NatureWoman on Flickr

On Sunday night we went to another location to try to catch trains, but it was too cold out to wait, so I just caught the setting sun on the tracks and then went to a warmer non-train location.