Last Week

I had to work late for OHA’s Evening at the Museum, and you know I can’t just sit there without taking pics:





We snorkeled/swam across this river to an old sunken barge and got some big, old square nails. The sky was gorgeous the whole time, but until I get a water camera, I can’t capture the cool stuff I see while in the water! This was after we got back:


Queen Anne’s Lace is blossoming beautifully now:



Along with the Mullein:


And we went snorkeling/swimming every night, if not out of town, then at our favorite local place:


What’s Wrong With These Photos?

Friday night we went snorkeling (swimming for me, I still haven’t mastered the snorkel yet) and after we were done my  friend got talking to a fisherman, so I went for a walk on the railroad tracks looking for date nails. I walked on one tie and it sunk down real low. I put it in the back of my head to tell my friend about it, and completely forgot about it.

Notice the spike sticking up too far on the left.

Sunday night we were going to go to a far away place to snorkel and we were too exhausted, so we went to the same place we went to on Friday night. And that’s when my friend saw why the railroad tie sunk so low.

Yowsa! This rail is completely broken!

Broken all of the way through!

A derailment waiting to happen. So my friend called the dispatcher to report the problem and to recommend absolutely no trains run over this track until it is fixed.

See about six feet of spikes on the right sticking up too far?

Hopefully we’ve saved a train from possible derailment, and one of our favorite snorkeling spots will stay the same. Except what’s with the pig that left their garbage in the left of this photo?

Scenes from the Week

Last week, as we all know, there was a beotch of a heat wave, and with the sun feeling like spikes driving themselves into your skin, we sought water and cool places.  We caught the tail end of a car show – there were some awesome cars there, but this one really caught my eye, a 1960 Thunderbird:


And this is why it caught my eye – my Dad had one: (that’s me in my Mom’s hat)


After walking around the car show, we jumped in the water for a night-time swim:


The water was freakin’ hot! Hotter than bath water. So the next night we went to another, much cooler lake. And I wore the mask and am getting used to not being able to breathe through my nose, so I could see the remnants of the steamship The City of Syracuse, which was burned in 1917 and sunk. No pics, sorry.

We went to the Antique Truck Show, and quickly walked around since it was my lunch time:





There were lots more very cool looking trucks!

That night we went to Tinker Falls, where we used to go when I was a kid, and the last time I went was with my parents in 2006. It has greatly changed since I was a kid:



Not much in the way of water coming over the falls, and there were tons of mosquitoes and deer flies, so we won’t go back until those things go away (or bring lots of herbal bug spray).

Then we went for a swim in this water:


Where there were ducks hanging on the edge eating:


It was cool, refreshing, and nice to have the sun go down on a way too hot week:


Various Places from the week

Saturday night we went to the bottom of Pratt’s Falls.

Saw these trees hanging on for dear life:

I had gone a week earlier and taken photos from the top of the falls


Afterwards we went to a railroad crossing, where several trains passed, but I totally love the BNSF train horn, and I would love to have this horn for my car, or to blow when someone wakes me up out of a sound sleep by slamming cupboards at 2AM.  I’m working on how to get one. . .

Please click here if video doesn’t show up, I still don’t know how to embed video from Flickr into WordPress.  I felt way too close to this train so I stopped the video, went behind my car, and continued.  Still felt too close, but I’m here to write about it.

We checked out Woodland Reservoir one evening:

And yesterday I tried snorkeling at Sylvan Beach, but I couldn’t stand not having my nose to breath – this will take some getting used to, but we swam for about four hours – which was the best place to be given the heat. . . no pics because my camera doesn’t like swimming. Ended up with a bunch of bad scratches on the back of my right calf – thankfully not all from zebra mussels, but from rocks, even though I wore pants and fins.  (It sucks you just can’t swim with just a swimming suit anymore with these zebra mussels).  And then waaay too hot to carry the camera around with the strap on my neck, even though we went on the roller coaster and ate at the Canalview Cafe – I had their yummy hummus and pita.   There were lots of old photos and three-d objects inside.

And today my outside thermometer was reading 103 F at 1:30PM – crazy hot, and I wanna be back in the water today. . . will find some water to swim in again soon! For now, this is my favorite time of day when it is too hot outside: