Boy’s Club in Syracuse

While busy taking some photos of something else a couple of weeks ago, I stopped the car quick as I saw this old building encased on the side and top with newer construction:



Hmm, the S&W Building, never heard of it.  So of course, I had to look it up.  It ended up being the old Boy’s Club in Syracuse from 1923 to 1983, when it became an office building. Stearns & Wheeler bought and renamed the building to the S&W Building in 2001.

Here’s a photo of the building under construction in 1923:
Boy's Club Bldg_1
Photo courtesy of the Onondaga Historical Association

Another old photo:
Boy's Club Bldg_2
Photo courtesy of the Onondaga Historical Association

This makes me wonder what happened to the Boy’s Club.  I mean, if it was meant to keep boys off the streets and busy back then, I would think it would be a very good thing to have now.  Probably a money thing.

Wooden Brine Pipes

A couple of weeks ago, while watching trains we discovered this mound was a brine reservoir at Solvay.

Over the weekend we discovered a couple of old wooden pipes along the side of the road. After doing a quick old map search, we found that a brine pipeline ran from Tully to the brine reservoir in Solvay along the road where we discovered these. Could these have been part of the brine pipeline?





The salt brine pipes we saw at the Camillus Erie Canal Park were made out of black tupelo.


Whatever the pipes we found were used for, they certainly are in great shape!

Paper Wasp Nest

This was hanging on my Mom’s home:


She waited until she was sure all of the wasps were out of it, then had it carefully taken off. This is the inside:

Is this cool, or what???