Lights on the Lake

On Wednesday night we went to Lights on the Lake, sponsored by Wegmans.  Mind you, I paid $8 to get in, so I was going to enjoy myself.  I don’t know how many different light displays there are, but it seemed to go on forever.  Even the advertising was cute:

2011-01-05 008

Some were simple, but I love the backdrop of the trees and the lake:
2011-01-05 010

It was snowing, so it was hard to capture some of the lights, but I love this school of fish:
2011-01-05 031

Wanna watch the submarine races? Ha ha! This one is blurry, but I had to show it. Watching submarine races is code for making out by the lake.
2011-01-05 035

And that’s just what Santa and Mrs. Claus are doing:
2011-01-05 036

There were different themes: Santa’s Workshop, The Wizard of Oz, etc. There were birds flying around:
2011-01-05 057

And trees cast in different colors:
2011-01-05 064

Many of the light displays “moved” so we started taking video, which I won’t bore you with. There was a part dedicated to nature, which I totally enjoyed (bad photo, but I love the blue light):
2011-01-05 097

and as you can see, there was a sign to call if you needed assistance.
2011-01-05 095

Well, some poor, miserable creature decided he/she didn’t like it we were enjoying ourselves because he/she had to pass us even though we were pulled over (wah for him/her) and called the number, and we were eventually “escorted” out of the rest of the park by a park ranger, so I missed photographing some fantastic light displays.

But I did capture the end:
2011-01-05 117

2011-01-05 118
So much for land of the free to enjoy yourselves to the max. But I did enjoy it as much as I could!


3 thoughts on “Lights on the Lake

  1. Thanks Mary! It was wonderful! I’m too lazy to pull the still photos our of the videos, otherwise I would post those, too. There are some fantastic displays!

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