Carrier Corporation

One of the projects that I like to do on my time off is take photographs of buildings / places that I *feel* or know will be going away soon. I’ve taken many photographs to embellish the files at the OHA, and have used these photos more than once in research requests.

Last week, when someone who previously worked at Carrier Corporation told me I had best get down to Carrier and take photographs, pronto, I did! I picked him up and let him take the photos with my camera. I’ll go out again this week and take more, because the place is coming down fast. Carrier Corporation was on Thompson Road in East Syracuse near Carrier Circle.

2011-02-17 001

2011-02-17 005

2011-02-17 009

2011-02-17 010

The lights in the middle of this photo show that they are working on tearing this down day and night:
2011-02-17 007

Now that it’s getting lighter longer after work, I can start taking photos again after work, as long as it isn’t precipitating outside.

The Dutch Connection

It’s that time of year again! The forced spring bulbs are in blossom at the George Eastman House, and it was as gorgeous as ever this year. It was really tough getting a full shot like I have been able to in the past, because there were so many people there today.


The pink flowers grouped together near the organ really caught our eyes:


It’s just so great to see spring flowers – early!


Especially when it looks like this outside, even though it was in the 40’s today!


Just loving those pinks!

(but not the guy looking at me taking the photo)

They usually have quite a few orchids, but they didn’t have as many this year.



Yeah, taking a photo into a bright window doesn’t really work, but I had to capture more of the color:

Ah, so easy on the eyes,

Beautiful amaryllis:

They had a musicale at 3:00, which was beautiful,

and while listening, I checked out the different moldings from where I was sitting:

All in all, it was such a gorgeous display of color, I felt like I couldn’t get my eyes full: