I’m In Love, or Now I See What the Big Deal is About a BT

I’m in love.  With something that I’ve only seen once.  And now I understand Mary’s and Julie’s love of Boston Terriers.  I saw my cousin Kevin on Saturday (that’s another story for another day) and met his dog Woof (so named by Kevin’s young son).  I fell completely and madly in love.  This dog is the epitome of sweetness all wrapped up in the cutest package, down to the spots on his chest, tummy and legs.  He loves to get so close to everyone he meets.  And he gives lots of kisses.

How can you refuse this precious face?

I couldn’t get a complete pic of all his spots, but trust me, they go down his chest and tummy and onto his legs.   Too cute!

And he’s not only cute, but he’s a guard dog, too! NOTE: He is only allowed up on the dashboard when the motor home is not moving! Actually, he’s not supposed to up there at all, but he does it when they’re not there.

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