Port of Oswego – Harborfest and Fireworks!

Went up to the Port of Oswego last Saturday night.  Made a stop at Rudy’s Lakeside Drive-In first, because they have some of the best fish around, mmm, nice and moist on the inside like fish should be.  Sat at a picnic table right on the shore of Lake Ontario and took this pic into the hot sunshine.

2011-07-30 004

I wanted to climb into the lake like I did last year, even though the rocks are moss covered:
2011-07-30 005

After dinner headed up to Fort Ontario and got in by saying one of my co-worker’s names, which helped on the wallet.  Sat up high on the wall for a good view, with tons of other people, and waited there, since there weren’t any tall ships to see in the harbor. Saw a helicopter:
2011-07-30 013
and the barge with some of the fireworks move out to the break-wall:
2011-07-30 025

And watched the fireball in the sky slowly set:
2011-07-30 032

2011-07-30 042

And waiting for complete darkness:
2011-07-30 051

Finally! Recorded the fireworks in small segments. Here’s one with hearts:


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