A Great Lake Sunset

I love one of the Great Lakes that we have here in NY State.  When I get to missing it, I drive to it, no matter where I am.  The other nite I had the chance to drive to Oswego for dinner at Rudy’s (yummy fish); then visit a great book store called The River’s End bookstore, and then up to Fort Ontario to view the lake.

2011-08-26 002
View from Rudy’s looking towards the nuclear power plant at The Port of Oswego.

2011-08-26 003
It was a beautiful evening, not humid, just right.

2011-08-26 012
Soon I won’t be able to watch the sunset over the lake, but for now, I’ll take it.

2011-08-26 015
Once at Fort Ontario, we had to walk down a set of old, unused railroad tracks to get to our final destination to watch the sun set.

2011-08-26 029
The water was beautiful.

2011-08-26 035
The sun on the rock and the water splashing on the rock was pleasant.

2011-08-26 039
Wave action from a boat passing by.  I took video of this so I can listen to it in the middle of winter.

2011-08-26 057
The sun shining on the shore is beautiful.

2011-08-26 058
People were out enjoying the evening.

2011-08-26 064
Even though I don’t like the sun to go down, I love watching it, especially when it hits the horizon, then you really can tell how fast it is moving.

2011-08-26 081
The dude sets real fast.

2011-08-26 092
The last little bit of it.

2011-08-26 093
The boats start heading in.

2011-08-26 098
The lighthouse starts flashing, even though I didn’t capture it flashing here.

2011-08-26 101
And we head home, too.


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