2011 New York State Fair

Okay, we went to the NY State Fair this year.  I was exhausted, so I didn’t really enjoy myself like I could have, but we went through the carriage museum and saw lots of cool, old carriages:
2011-08-31 005

and milk delivery vehicles:
2011-08-31 023

and of course, sleighs, for winter:
2011-08-31 037

There was a corner in this building dedicated to Deacon Doubleday, a radio personality, from when I was really young and before (I remember my Mom listening to him while making our breakfast every morning):
2011-08-31 046

The annual butter sculpture is never a disappointment:
2011-08-31 047

A Strates Shows trailer at the midway:
2011-08-31 051

A steam engine:
2011-08-31 054

And a tractor somewhat like the first one my Dad had, I think:
2011-08-31 056

Here’s my Dad and my younger brother on the tractor in 1967. I’m digging the glacier carved hills in the background. This was our view while I was growing up. I wish I still had this view!

Wait, here’s another photo I just found. I think it is the same tractor. This photo is from 1966. My Dad talking to his sister, with my Grandpa. I’m in the background running on the porch.

Back to the fair. I didn’t see anything more. Well, I did, but I didn’t take photos. Here’s a fuzzy end to the day:
2011-08-31 060

I didn’t get to do half of what I wanted to do because there were just so many people there!  There is always next year.


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