Too Precious

Not for anything, I know we have way too many deer here in upstate New York.  Way, way, way, too many.  But when I just went to the bathroom and looked out and saw five deer lounging in my backyard, and a couple of them still have their spots, I just have to stare in wonder, and grab my camera and sneak photos through the glass without scaring them away.  I have a regular deer sanctuary back here, because it is so quiet, and there’s lots for them to chew on.  Here’s what I saw.  One older one to the left:
“I see you, woman”

Three little ones in the middle:

And one older one to the right, in back of the Rose of Sharon:

And here are close-ups of the middle ones, left to right:
See the bend in the neck. . . he was ready to plop his head down:
Sleep good, baby.

The middle one is already sound asleep:

And the right one is close behind:

I can barely stand all of this deer cuteness. But these guys are why I can’t walk around my own backyard with bare feet.

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  1. electrickat
    Sep 14, 2011 @ 23:38:14

    So, what were they munching on in your yard? I’m always surprised by what I witness them eat!


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