Triple Dipping?

Start Rant. I don’t understand why young people think old people need to retire in order for them to get a job. And they think they can fill the old person’s shoes, too. There was a comment made about old people “triple dipping.” Triple dipping, according to this person’s definition is a person on social security, a person who has a pension, and and person who is also working. I’m glad my widowed Mother is triple dipping, otherwise she may not be able to be independent. I’m glad she is able to work, and that she wants to work. I hope she can work until she leaves this place. I hope I can work until I leave this place. I think we both have quite a bit to offer. I think many older people have quite a bit to offer.

On the other hand, I think young people have quite a bit to offer, too, and you just need to figure out how to do so without whining about older people. They’re *not* taking your jobs. End Rant.


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  1. Jayne
    Oct 27, 2012 @ 14:02:54

    I can’t imagine retiring to do nothing. I will stay active as well, maybe being a part of the organization that provides reduced cost medical care to those without insurance. Being active and engaged matters. :c) Yay for your mom!


  2. Mary Dexter
    Nov 20, 2012 @ 23:04:03

    Yes, good for your mom. She earned it, and is also entitled to keep her job! To retire or not to retire is her option and she has obviously chosen well.


  3. MImi
    Nov 21, 2012 @ 10:24:06


    Thank you for your blog. I discovered it today while doing a search for the building I work in in Franklin Square. I’m kinda laughing at your rant. I’m laughing because I have said the same exact thing about some people “Triple-Dipping” (a phrase I’d never heard of before). I work in an industry (engineering) where everyone KNOWS that seniors who know what they’re doing are priceless. Especially, when they’re local and can recall the history of a project you’re working on because they worked on it 15-20 years ago.

    However, when you know that the economy has momentarily taken a hit and that the person working across from you isn’t there out of a financial need, but boredom, it’s annoying. ESPECIALLY, when you discover that they’re working at a severely reduced pay rate to appease their boredom. That form of “triple dipping” is unfair to the next person to apply for a similar job with the company who now has to attempt to make do on a reduced salary because the person before them lowered the pay-scale.

    BUT…having said all that, I, like you can’t imagine retiring and sitting around doing nothing. Traveling, checking things off of a very long bucket list, yes. But at the same time, at some point, we all need to switch gears in life and just enjoy it if we can.


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