Ad Art on Buildings

Over the past year, I have been taking photos of what I call Ad Art on buildings. You’ve seen it all over the place, but maybe haven’t thought much about it. Well, we’re going to make a poster of some of the more prominent ad art, old and new.  There are so many cool ones, such as this one from the old Addis store:

2012-07 059

These remnants of painted ladies are beneath the ad, near street level:

2012-07 058

Higher up and at 3rd story window level, you see this:

2012-07-29 017

There are faded out ones you can’t make out anymore:
2012-07-29 012

And there are ones that have been repainted (love them!!)
2012-05-30 061

But the one that has people buzzing these days (can it be preserved? can it be registered so it can be preserved?) is this one I just took a photo of last night:
2013-01-26 005

Check out the Ad Art on buildings around where you live. You’ll be surprised at how much there is, old and new!


Lamberton Conservatory on New Year’s Day

On New Year’s Day my Mom and I went to Lamberton Conservatory in Highland Park in Rochester, NY.  It was bitterly cold outside, so it was great to be able to go inside and smell the humidity and see the plants.

2013-01-01 092

2013-01-01 004

2013-01-01 020

2013-01-01 022

2013-01-01 024

2013-01-01 027

2013-01-01 039

2013-01-01 041

There were several quail babies!

2013-01-01 044

And turtles

2013-01-01 052

2013-01-01 053

2013-01-01 061

2013-01-01 063

2013-01-01 071

2013-01-01 076

It’s so nice to see the colorful plants and flowers during this time of year.