Now that it is somewhat warmer outside, I have the need to be outside in the evenings.  Last night I had the need for some hills to fill my mind and make me feel alive (“The hills are alive. . .”), okay, no, I just love the glacially cut hills of Onondaga County.  So I hiked it down to Cortland (well, I mean drove), and I wanted something to eat, so A&W it was, because I remember coming here as a child, and I wanted to play with the buttons.  You know, as a child, you don’t get to do any of that, being relegated to the back seat.

Here’s the menu:
I wish I had a photo of the menu from when I was a child!

They still stick the tray on your window, even though the window is a bit slanted:

You can go inside to eat, but what fun is that?

Here’s the rest of the bays.

It was fun to sit there and have someone bring stuff out. Like magic. Like being a child again! And no, there were no roller skates involved!

These photos were taken on my cellphone, so not the best.  I need to start bringing my camera with me now that it is warmer outside.