Froggy Went a Wooing. . .

I was in my Mom’s potting shed the other day. Well, it’s not really a shed because it’s on the second floor of her barn, separated by a wall from my Dad’s woodworking shop (don’t get me started).


And I spied this froggy, which I haven’t seen in forever:


I made this froggy with my own two hands. He’s supposed to be totally green except his eyeballs and his bottom lip and chin. So what’s wrong with his color? I made him in 7th or 8th grade art class and I don’t think the kiln was hot enough for him to keep his color over the years. Even though he wasn’t perfect even after I made him, my Mom has treasured him and placed him in various places inside and outside over the years. Some of his little toes have been chopped off over the years. But I worked hard on this frog, and it warms my heart that my Mom still has him. Just like a Mom or Dad to treasure something a kid makes for her or him, isn’t it!

What did you make for your Mom or Dad when you were a kid that they treasure or treasured?

Migrating Frogs & Salamanders, Deer

I feel so bad. Animal lover told me while he was driving home from work early this morning there were tons of migrating frogs crossing the road – the road I have to take to my parents’ home today. Argh, people who design and build roads through wetlands or any lands without thinking about building fences and/or tunnels for the wildlife drive me crazy. I don’t look forward to seeing dead frog bodies all over the road. I hope the frog migration finished before rush hour traffic.

He also told me that down near Honeoye Lake the salamanders were getting killed while migrating across a road near the lake – the professors at FLCC counted 100 salamanders in a 20’x20′ area. Way too many – the DoT is actually going to change the road to build tunnels – yay!

I forgot to mention yesterday, on my way to the Genesee Country Village & Museum I had to drive through the country with trees and shrubs that are really close to the road – and yup – deer were popping out and grazing *all* along the way. I thought I was never going to get there with having to drive slow and stop and etc. but I figure it’s better than hurting a deer / my vehicle and/or myself and continuing my “Deerslayer” nickname.

Sonnenberg Gardens

We visited Sonnenberg Gardens & Manion State Historical Park in Canandaigua today, as we have done for the last 20+ years. Recently the State of New York Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation purchased the mansion and gardens. After having seen Sonnenberg decline over the years, it is good to see things are improving by being cleaned and repaired. I only wish they would work on preserving the very old trees, some of which are in decline there. However, we look forward to future improvements!

I have taken many photos of the place over the years, and I won’t show the typical photos now (of the mansion, gardens), but I will show some of the things I look forward to seeing when I go there. I love watching the ducks, especially when they dunk for food putting their butts straight up in the air and paddling with their feet:


I love watching ducks take baths (didn’t see one doing that today) and preening themselves:


I love the shape of the conservatory:


I love all of the old trees there, I picked this Purple Beech (Fagus sylvatica ‘atropurpurea’) to show you:


And here’s its huge trunk – I love the roots:


We saw two frogs in the Japanese Garden. One on a rock:


And one in an evergreen on the bank of the pond:


When I walked by this Hosta I smelled the most wonderful smell, so I had to capture a photo its beautiful flowers:


I finally captured a butterfly fully open in the Colonial Garden:


And I love ferns tucked into little places, and love all of the moss and lichens on the rocks in the rock garden:


We usually see at least one turtle, but today we didn’t see any around. Today was Arts in the Gardens, so we saw some phenomenal arts and crafts, too. All around, it was a great day!

I Have A Toad!

So I’m weeding my Iris bed, and saw something jump. It looked like the size of a rat, but it jumped, so I didn’t freak out. I keep weeding away, and finally came across what jumped! I’m so excited! I have a toad! Okay, for non-gardeners you probably think I’m insane. Why the heck is she so excited about having a toad? Because they eat a huge pile of bad bugs from my garden every night. This fellow looks like he’s had his share, and there’s lots more for him to eat:

Dear Toad: I have a nice, rent free Toad House that I just put in my garden for you, I watered the ground and the toad house special for you, and if you want to move in soon, I promise I’ll keep it watered all summer long. If you have any friends, I have two more Toad Houses that I will be putting in various other places in my garden for them.
Toad House

I love Toads! Wait until I discover what else I love for my garden. When I do, I’ll be sure to write about it!