Hurd Orchards

On Tuesday last my Mom and I went to Hurd Orchards in Holley, NY. It was a beautiful, although very windy, day.


One of the first things I spied was the field of zinnias – I *love* zinnias!



And then a garden full of mums:


I took a photo of my Mom in an area they had set up to take photos, with an old tractor and pumpkins and squashes. I love this old wheelbarrow.


Inside the store, they have baskets hanging from the ceiling:


Inside the barn, they have flowers hanging from the ceiling:


And hydrangeas on the floor:


And a gorgeous flower arrangement:


And just outside the barn, a fabulous display of squashes and pumpkins. Mmmm!  All a feast for the eyeballs!


Oswego Harborfest Fireworks

Still the best fireworks I’ve ever seen!  My camera battery ran out so there are two videos to watch.

Sonnenberg Gardens

Instead of being sad about not having my Dad on Father’s Day or any day anymore, my Mom and I went to Sonnenberg Gardens to enjoy the day.  It started out rainy, and we thought it was supposed to clear.  Well, it didn’t, but we enjoyed ourselves anyway!

The Kousa Dogwood is amazingly beautiful this year:
2013-06-16 Sonnenberg Gardens 005

2013-06-16 Sonnenberg Gardens 006

No sun for this turtle, but he is patiently waiting for it:
2013-06-16 Sonnenberg Gardens 007

This structure in the background has been renovated, and it’s gorgeous!
2013-06-16 Sonnenberg Gardens 011

Here’s a close-up of the columns:
2013-06-16 Sonnenberg Gardens 012

And now it is raining hard, so no going into the rose garden, photo from a distance:
2013-06-16 Sonnenberg Gardens 015

We headed inside the beautiful mansion, and went on the second story porch that overlooks the Italian Garden:
2013-06-16 Sonnenberg Gardens 019

2013-06-16 Sonnenberg Gardens 018

This structure has been put back up:
2013-06-16 Sonnenberg Gardens 020

View from another porch:
2013-06-16 Sonnenberg Gardens 028

This is the first time that we’re able to walk into this bedroom, which I love!
2013-06-16 Sonnenberg Gardens 023

View looking down into the music room:
2013-06-16 Sonnenberg Gardens 026

There were beautiful dresses all around the house:
2013-06-16 Sonnenberg Gardens 027

All in all, a beautiful day!

Port of Oswego – Harborfest and Fireworks!

Went up to the Port of Oswego last Saturday night.  Made a stop at Rudy’s Lakeside Drive-In first, because they have some of the best fish around, mmm, nice and moist on the inside like fish should be.  Sat at a picnic table right on the shore of Lake Ontario and took this pic into the hot sunshine.

2011-07-30 004

I wanted to climb into the lake like I did last year, even though the rocks are moss covered:
2011-07-30 005

After dinner headed up to Fort Ontario and got in by saying one of my co-worker’s names, which helped on the wallet.  Sat up high on the wall for a good view, with tons of other people, and waited there, since there weren’t any tall ships to see in the harbor. Saw a helicopter:
2011-07-30 013
and the barge with some of the fireworks move out to the break-wall:
2011-07-30 025

And watched the fireball in the sky slowly set:
2011-07-30 032

2011-07-30 042

And waiting for complete darkness:
2011-07-30 051

Finally! Recorded the fireworks in small segments. Here’s one with hearts:

I’m In Love, or Now I See What the Big Deal is About a BT

I’m in love.  With something that I’ve only seen once.  And now I understand Mary’s and Julie’s love of Boston Terriers.  I saw my cousin Kevin on Saturday (that’s another story for another day) and met his dog Woof (so named by Kevin’s young son).  I fell completely and madly in love.  This dog is the epitome of sweetness all wrapped up in the cutest package, down to the spots on his chest, tummy and legs.  He loves to get so close to everyone he meets.  And he gives lots of kisses.

How can you refuse this precious face?

I couldn’t get a complete pic of all his spots, but trust me, they go down his chest and tummy and onto his legs.   Too cute!

And he’s not only cute, but he’s a guard dog, too! NOTE: He is only allowed up on the dashboard when the motor home is not moving! Actually, he’s not supposed to up there at all, but he does it when they’re not there.

Time Goes Flittin’ By

Since time goes flitting by so fast, I’ll give a quick run-down of my last two months, which doesn’t include everything, but you’ll get the idea.  When I have more time, I need to expound on some of the things we discovered.

2011-05-10 040

2011-05-10 061

2011-05-10 049
Wherein we investigate for several days along the West Shore trail of Onondaga Lake, where there were resorts in the old days. More on this when I have time (haha).

Went to the New York Museum of Transportation and rode this real trolley with a real Pantogragh!!

We try swimming on May 21, and it is c-o-l-d!


The NYCRR used to run under the Erie Canal at this point, and since they were digging up the road, we had to investigate.

2011-06-17 061

2011-06-17 121
We (OHA) had a Ghostwalk at Oakwood Cemetery



We went to the Central Square Railroad Museum, where they are redoing Syracuse Trolley Car #1036

Went swimming at Oneida Lake on Independence Day and almost drowned because the wind and waves were so high.  No pics.  Just glad to be alive.

2011-07-06 021
Two CSX trains collide because somebody missed a signal. The train that got run into was already gone by the time I got there, leaving behind the very last part of it.

2011-07-14 002
Attempted to listen to some music at Onondaga Park, but it was lousy.

2011-07-14 007
OHA Museum reopened and it is totally wonderful now! This is one view of the new Gift Gallery, with shelving from Borders which closed in Carousel Mall earlier this year.

Went to Valley Field Days, but it was CROWDED, so didn’t get to ride my ride.

2011-07-16 006
Drove down Butternut Street, which is all ripped up, and saw double trolley tracks.

Who ARE you and what have you done with ME?

If you’re a male, you may want to skip this.  You may want to skip it if you’re a female.  I wish I could skip it.  Not really.

Yarb Woman, Cornell Plantations

So I’ve noticed this angry, emotional me coming out recently that I REALLY DO NOT LIKE.  And finally, recently, when I was supposed to get my ‘monthly’ and it came for one quick second and left, and I didn’t feel the wonderful surge of estrogen flowing through my body, I just paid really close attention to my body for a week.  Well, when I started crying my eyes out Sunday night over two stupid things and I couldn’t stop until a friend of mine just happened to call and I kept crying to him and he didn’t know wtf to do, except to tell me to go to bed and sleep good, I realized it was time to take action.  So I called my Mom, and she confirmed that emotions are all over the place and that feeling like a wreck due to hormones is what happens, and that I needed to read about it and take care of it.  And being a Master of Herbology, being taught by some great herbalists, I reached out to some of my herbal instructors and this is what one of them has to say:

Menopause & What To Do About It

“In the clinic, the first thing I reached for was my Female Formula. Just one of the ways my Female Formula helps is by creating better communication between the hypothalamus and the pituitary in the brain and the ovaries. Consequently, it helps your body to slowly reduce your hormone levels during menopause, over a period of time instead of the BIG CRASH.”

— Dr. Schulze
I have his FEM + formula in the house for PMS, so I’ve started taking that, and what a difference it makes already.  This and making SURE I get to the gym at least four times a week, and getting the extraordinary amount of sleep that I seem to require right now, will also help.  Loving my Mom, loving my herbs, loving my instructors Dr. Schulze and David Christopher, and soon to be loving ME again.

And the Snow Piles Up

Now that the wind has stopped it’s infernal blowing like it owns the world, the snow is starting to pile up outside.  This is the same pic as last night, except with a little more snow this morning:


As you can see, it is still snowing, the lazy, slow snow that will pile up over the day today. I love seeing the snow on the Norway Spruce trees on either side of my yard:



And I love looking at the Shagbark Hickory at the back of my yard:

As soon as I wake up more, I have to go outside and shovel, shovel, shovel!

Half-Moons, revisited

Okay, it isn’t just me.  Half-Moon cookies rock, Black and Whites, not so much.  Check out Sean Kirst’s blog about Half-Moon cookies.  And Happy Halloweenie!

The View From My Dad

Saturday we went to visit the cemetery where my Dad and his parents are “resting.” We like to keep their tombstones very clean – so clean that they sparkle in the sunshine. Unfortunately the people that mow don’t know about the concept of mulching, but instead let the grass go flying all over all of the stones. Which is causing intense problems for many of the stones there. And which is why we clean our family’s stones quite often. Anyway, we totally *love* the view from where my Dad and his parents are lying.

This is looking up at where we grew up – at the top of the trees in the middle where the little jag is, is where we grew up. And we could see for literally miles from up there, out to the deep glacially cut valleys and steep hills.

West of where we lived, looking north, at the glacial hills and valleys. We simply love this land, because it is deep part of us.

There’s many other views we could have captured, but we were really hungry and craving some Bill’s Fish Fry (yes, I know, bad for the body), which was my Dad’s favorite fish dinner.

The view from where we sat inside Bill’s. This view has changed over the years, and I wish we had digital cameras when we were kids so we could do the comparison of past with present. My little bebe is sitting to the left. It needs a bath, and will be getting one today.

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