It’s getting to that time of year (yuck!) when it will be getting dark as I’m driving home.  The other night I stayed later at work and did have to eventually drive home in the dark.  One of the perks is seeing beautiful sunsets, and even though this doesn’t make the whole sky glow, I still like it!


ID of Photographic Prints #2: Planitotype

Notes from class “History and Identification of Paper, Print, and Photographic Processes,” taught by Gary E. Albright at the Rochester Regional Library Council.

Planitotype: 1880-1930, neutral image color, slate gray, can change tone with gold which increased stability, no fading, paper support fades making photo look darker, image can transfer from facing image (one-to-one transfer), expensive.
A true photograph, one layer structure with no binder, no baryta layer. Image lies in top layer of paper, paper fibers are clearly visible, has a matte surface.

Courtesy of Onondaga Historical Association from the Syracuse Camera Club folder.

The unbacked planitotypes I have “handled” are thin and fragile.

Sonnenberg Gardens

On Labor Day we went to Sonnenberg Gardens. I love my blog because I was able to look up the last time I went to Sonnenberg Gardens, and it was over two years ago. That’s just wrong. I usually go at least once a year, if not more.

It’s always fun to start with the trial gardens. I didn’t get the names of anything, just photos:

These are so cool – some kind of ornamental kale:

The beds in front of the conservatory are beautiful, as always:


We went into the Cactus House and saw tons of cactii, but I won’t bore you with all of the photos, just this little one with red fruit:

We moved on into the Orchid House, and I will bore you with a post of the flowers later:

This year, among other things, I focused in on all of the statuary that we saw:

They had a special Hydrangea House display by Wayside Gardens:

I love hydrangeas:


A beautiful lily in the Japanese Garden:

Some beautiful lichen on a rock:

I don’t remember this statue being cleaned up last time I was at Sonnenberg:


This is what is above the statue:


I also don’t remember this one being cleaned up:

I love symmetry:

We used to be able to walk under this one:

The Ice House. Have I mentioned I love my wide-angle lens?

This same photo taken with a regular camera:

The Carriage House:

I love being able to capture the Italian Gardens without having to stitch photos together:

Elevator in the really dark foyer which is as wide as this door – ack!

Ohhh, ahhh, more beautiful statuary:


More cool symmetry:

And just when I was getting ready to take an awesome photo of the entire house, my battery decided it was done, so this was taken with a regular camera:

Miniature Rose

While shopping at Green Hills Farms before Mother’s Day, I saw the cutest, prettiest miniature rose. I knew I had to buy it for my Mom and that she would love it and take care of it. She planted it in the ground in her miniature rose area, and it’s doing great!



I love the color! Isn’t it pretty?

A Good Joke

So as we were moving stuff off the shelves in the old archives, I ended up using a chair to temporarily hold some stuff (not boxes, but stuff to be processed), and I told Ralph “we don’t need to sit down anyways!” He said that reminded him of a joke, which goes something like this:

Ford used to visit his plant early in the morning to make sure the graveyard shift workers were working. He told his foreman “if anyone is sitting down, fire them.” So the foreman started looking around and saw a man sitting on a box fiddling with some wires. The foreman went over to him, kicked the box out from under him, and said “You’re Fired!” The man said “I don’t care, I’m the telephone man!”

OHA is housed in the 1906 New York Telephone Company building

HA HA! My Dad, a telephone man himself, would have roared over this joke!

Moving the Archives – Day the Fourth

We just finished up day four of the move, and well, because of other things that have come up, we haven’t really had three full days of moving since day one, so we haven’t gotten as far as I wanted, but I still think we’ll make the end date.    One bay that we had set up with eight shelves wasn’t working for me, so we had to take all of the stuff off and break it down to five shelves.  We had to empty more than just boxes from two bays in the old archives to free them up to add on to the ones we have already built.  So now we have almost seven bays on one side filled in an order that will make it convenient for everyone who uses the archives to find the appropriate boxes.

This is where we were at the end of yesterday. Additional bays added, we still had to get rid of three shelves in the one bays.

This is where we were at the end of today.  I banged my head on the light while loading the top of the sixth bay. Note to self, watch head when near lights.

This is Ralph at the end of the day today. Even after working his hiney off all day, he still has a smile for us.

P.S.  Those windows *will* be covered up to protect the archives!

Moving the Archives – The Start

Ralph, one my volunteers extraordinaire, and I were in the archives today getting ready to start moving it from the fifth floor to the second floor.  I was thinking we had until the end of June.  The boss showed up as I was telling Ralph what the plan was and asked me if we could have it moved by June 15th.  I told him “we shall try!”  We’re talking OHA has been around since 1863, so this is quite a bit of stuff to move!!  I didn’t bring my camera to work today, so no pics of the start of our move, but here are some of the pallet shelves we’re using in our new space:

Floor to ceiling the uprights are 12 feet high.  They just barely fit in the room, but they *do* fit and climbing the movable stairs to the top is a little scary, but I’ll get used to it.

The movable stairs are shown in the left of this photo.

We got most of rows 1 through 3 of the old archives moved and placed.  With tons more to go.  But we *will* get there!  Then there’s the library.  And the incoming Syracuse China archives.  Needless to say, I am *very* busy at work, and I love it!

P.S.  I’ll be decorating the walls with some old photos, well, because there’s tons to choose from and there’s so many cool ones and I just love old photos!

Wordless Wednesday – Iris Bud


Oops! Happy Blogiversary

Oops, hey, I missed my third blogiversary!  For being a blog called Nature Woman, I don’t  get out in nature as often as I’d like to, but I’m hoping that will change soon.  Less drive time will lead to more outdoor time (and more reading and computer time, too)!

Letchworth State Park on April 12, 2009

In Honor of The Man That Was My Dad

Two years ago today my Dad was taken from us and actually saved from having to endure these tough economic times that would have probably driven him crazy.  While I’m thankful for him that his life on this earth is done, I’m still very sad for my family and myself.  I will *never* get over not having him to talk with anymore, and to get a teddy bear hug from.

While I wished I could have been with my Mom while she visited where he’s buried today, it would have just made me more sad.  Work does help to forget what’s going on in my personal life, thankfully!

Everyone would kill me if they knew I posted this photo, but the story is a beautiful homemade pie was made for my Dad on Father’s Day who was a major pie lover, but we forgot to bring plates.  So I said just use the plastic bags and napkins and eat it with your hands.

11June2006 Palmyra 046
He always wore the SU hat I bought him when I graduated, because he was proud I got my engineering degree.

My Dad loved life. Seriously. He embraced it like there was no tomorrow. He went to the Gambrinus Brew Fest with me at OHA. He loved OHA, he loved going there with me. He loved talking to the guy that brought his Franklin car for the Fest. Like I wasn’t even there. But I photographed the moments. And I’m glad I did.

He and my Mom asked me to climb this bank to see if you could still walk behind the falls at Tinker’s Falls. And they were enjoying the beauty of the place while I did:
MD06 024

Yesterday my Mom gave me the rest of his photo albums from when he was growing up. And I haven’t been able to look at them yet. I will after this week is done with.

My Dad: He dearly loved his wife and his children, and we all still dearly love him. And that’s just the way it is.  Gotta love those styles from the seventies, huh?

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