Happy Ending!

I still take quite a few photos when the mood strikes, and I upload them to Flickr, but that’s about it.  So I figured it’s about time to write a post, before the end of 2011, so I can start with a clean slate.  Let’s see, since Letchworth with Mom, I’ve captured photos of the old John Deere / Case Supply building in Syracuse, now being converted to our local PBS station, WCNY.

2011-09-22 003
(I didn’t take this photo, I would have centered it better, hee hee)

A couple of months later, I was told to get my hiney back there, because they tore out the middle section of the complex:

2011-12-04 006

And on the northwest side, they found an interesting structure in the middle of another portion they tore down. Safes are inside of this little structure. The safe on the top floor will be opened and displayed.

2011-12-04 035

I documented via photos and web (not done with the web yet) the Octagon Schoolhouse Cemetery, and filed for an historic marker, since this cemetery has NO marker or sign, at all.

2011-10-05 033

I’ll find out next year if the marker is approved.

My apartment was full of ghoulish things for Halloween (not mine), but I do like the lights in the window.

2011-12-04 036

I try to capture the full moon on December 10 over Irondequoit Bay.

2011-12-11 070

There are some funky clouds in this one:
2011-12-11 072

I try to go for a ride in the snow at the New York Museum of Transportation, but alas, no snow:

2011-12-11 083

This was our engineer:
2011-12-11 089

After the snowless trolley ride, I checked out the museum, and the buses outside. How about this old greyhound bus?
2011-12-11 140

Next I learned that East Rochester used to be called Despatch, and yes, it was a big railroad town. I have rare film footage of a factory there that built railroad cars. Cool beans! This is the railroad side of Despatch Junction:
2011-12-11 148

Here’s part of the old factory where they built the RR cars:
2011-12-11 166

I think the side of this building says “Merchants Despatch”
2011-12-11 160

And we had a great time at Aunt Avie’s and Uncle Jerry’s home for Thanksgiving this year. Here I am holding my cousin’s new baby girl. Don’t you love the way my cousin looks at his daughter?

And then there’s Christmas. I haven’t downloaded the photos yet, but the old apartment windows are highly decorated with icicle and other lights and dripping with fake snow, since there’s no real snow. Yet!


Happy Easter

From the kids at work! They made the baskets and decorated each of the eggs inside. From less than one year old and up to three years old. Nobody can tell me little tiny kids can’t do things! Not with what I see at work!






Enjoy your day!

Kisses For You

OMG today was pajama day in the waddler room at work and those little people in their pj’s were so huggable of course I had to hug all of them, don’t you know!! Even the teacher had her pj bottoms on. Of course smarty pants me had to ask her if she had undies on. You know, like asking a man with a kilt on if he’s wearing undies. Don’t tell me you don’t wonder about *that.*


Lookit at this little girl (one of my other favs), with her footsies and everything, how snuggable and huggable is she!


And you know I had to capture my little snuggle bunny with his little footsies, whose feet I just had to tickle and he absolutely loved it!


The teacher was putting together a train for the kids:


And they were all intrigued:

Don’t you love his little hand on her foot?


And for the pièce de résistance, before they were going down for their naps my little snuggle bunny was throwing loud kisses with both hands at me, and I’m sharing them with you because they are just too sweet not to share!

Loading up both barrels with kisses to throw “Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm”

Throwing the kisses “Mmmahhhhhhhhhhhhh”

Consider yourself majorly kissed!

Wordless Wednesday


We saw this at the George Eastman House exhibition Larry Towell: The World From My Front Porch. Mom thought it was a great idea to display children’s artwork!

P.S. Sorry I can’t show anything else from this excellent exhibition since Larry Towell is a photographer, and no photos of photos are allowed.

One of the Best Sounds in the World. . .

besides the sweet sounds of birds, is a child’s laughter! It’s no secret that this little guy *is* one of my favorite little people in the world. I make every effort to play trucks with him every day.

Couldn’t you just hug the stuffing out of him? Don’t you just love those cute little legs?

The other day I was photographing the children in this room, and I heard him laugh. This video totally sucks (don’t know why it kept blurring), but the sound of him laughing is one of my favorite sounds.

He has the nicest, sweetest personality and I hope nothing ever changes that.

Copyright Free Library of Congress Photos on Flickr & etc.

Yay, I love old photos, as you know, and the Library of Congress has a Flickr account here with over 3,000 old photos that are copyright free. Here’s the Library of Congress blog post regarding this news. They’re looking for people to tag and make notes on these photos! And when you look at their photos on Flickr you’ll see that they don’t cut off *any* of the details at all, which is one of the points I made last week about digitization of photos! Here’s what Flickr has to say about it, too.

Here’s another of my Mom’s amaryllis.

OMG, my little friend at work whose photo I showed yesterday had on the cutest Elmo shirt today, so I said “[insert name here] I love your shirt, look at all of those Elmos all over it!” He started babbling and laughing and pulling on his shirt it was so cute I wish I could have captured it on video to show you! But it’s one of those moments that is over too quick.

A Brand New Little Love

I am so sorry I am behind on my blog reading given my lovely work schedule. I’m hoping to fix it up a bit in a couple of weeks. But anyway, even though I need to get to bed I just have to tell you about the sweetest little baby girl that I’ve had the pleasure of helping to provide care to in the last two days. She is all of seven weeks old, that’s it. She has the brightest eyes and beautiful little dimples when she holds her cheeks a certain way. She is totally a very happy baby – the only baby in the room of babies that doesn’t cry except that she is breastfed. And her Mom puts her breast milk in bottles for her. And little cutie doesn’t want the bottle nipple, she wants Mommy and Mommy alone. So you can imagine me trying to give little cutie the bottle while I held her in my arms. She zooms in on *my* chest. Sorry honey, it doesn’t work that way! I eventually put her in a little rocker and after much crying with the foreign bottle nipple in her mouth and much trying and talking to her on my part she took the bottle. I paved the way for the day because the other girls had no problem giving her the bottle after that. Yay! Eventually I may be able to get a photo of her for you to see how beautiful she is. And all I can think of while I’m taking care of her and smelling her new baby scent? Is a job so freakin’ important as to leave such a beautiful baby girl with strangers to take care of her all day long?

And so I don’t leave you photoless (because you know I don’t like to make photoless blog entries) I give you a photo of the little waddler that I’ve blogged about before. I was taking photos of the waddlers marching around the room, and he became so intrigued with my camera he sat down right in front of it and was intensely investigating it (he’s one very smart little boy):


Couldn’t you just plant kisses on both of those fat cheeks? I don’t do that, but when I rub his back or ears it makes him laugh. And I love to hear kids this young laugh!