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July 4th at Oswego

No fireworks on July 4th, because I always love the fireworks at Oswego’s Harborfest.  But we did go to Oswego yesterday with the hope that it would clear, and it did, but it was windy all day, which made it nice and cool. They are dredging at the Port of Oswego: 074

Here’s a tugboat taking a barge of dredge out to dump in Lake Ontario: You can hear how windy it is in this video.

I didn’t go swimming because I didn’t feel like dealing with the rough water yesterday, even though the water was warm:



Last night I went to Alaska:

At least it looked like what I think Alaska might look like in spots:

I mean, doesn’t it look like it?

Seriously, I went to Lake Ontario at Oswego last night, and this is what Lake Ontario looked like! Unbelievable! I’ve never seen this before.


See this scene:


It looks like this in the summertime:
2013-08-10 002

Ahhhh, summertime. . .


And here is what these formations are called:

I learned a new word last night: snowbergs. Yeah, I’d rather not have learned that word, ever. But you have to admit, this is pretty cool, now that we’re (supposedly) into springtime now.

Oswego Harborfest Fireworks

I’ve been to Oswego Harborfest for four years now, and it *always* rains on this weekend! I drove through some wicked rain just to get to Oswego. No beautiful sunset tonight, and it rained the whole time, but I kept covered with a tarp.

Here’s what the storm looked like just west of the harbor at Rudy’s:
2013-07-27 Oswego 001

Foreboding rain clouds coming:
2013-07-27 Oswego 007

And later some light:
2013-07-27 Oswego 009

The weather wasn’t looking much better from my perch to watch the fireworks.
2013-07-27 Oswego 012

I did film it with the camera under the tarp, so it’s a bit shaky. The fireworks were fantastic, as always!

Lake Ontario at Oswego

Finally! We got some swimming in on July 3rd at Jamesville, and on July 4th at Lake Ontario. It rained, then the lake was foggy, then it cleared and became hot and humid. In between the fog and humid part, there was a sailboat race:
2013-07-04 Lake Ontario at Oswego 013

2013-07-04 Lake Ontario at Oswego 015

2013-07-04 Lake Ontario at Oswego 018

2013-07-04 Lake Ontario at Oswego 021

It sure was a beautiful day for it!

Oswego – Tugboat and Great Lakes Barge

I went to Oswego to go swimming one last time, and just happened upon a tugboat getting ready to pull a Great Lakes barge out of the harbor, and then push it to Rochester, NY.  It was partly full of powdered cement after having emptied some at Oswego, and was from Canada.  Here’s the tugboat, Evans McNeil, blowing its horn:

And here it is starting to pull the barge. That tugboat has a diesel engine the size of a train engine!

It continues to pull it, getting it turned into a position so it can start pushing it:

And now it’s pushing it out from the harbor into Lake Ontario:

And about to enter the lake:

On its way to Rochester:
2012-09-02 073

This reminds me of the book “The Little Engine That Could.” This is the little tug that could.

A Great Lake Sunset

I love one of the Great Lakes that we have here in NY State.  When I get to missing it, I drive to it, no matter where I am.  The other nite I had the chance to drive to Oswego for dinner at Rudy’s (yummy fish); then visit a great book store called The River’s End bookstore, and then up to Fort Ontario to view the lake.

2011-08-26 002
View from Rudy’s looking towards the nuclear power plant at The Port of Oswego.

2011-08-26 003
It was a beautiful evening, not humid, just right.

2011-08-26 012
Soon I won’t be able to watch the sunset over the lake, but for now, I’ll take it.

2011-08-26 015
Once at Fort Ontario, we had to walk down a set of old, unused railroad tracks to get to our final destination to watch the sun set.

2011-08-26 029
The water was beautiful.

2011-08-26 035
The sun on the rock and the water splashing on the rock was pleasant.

2011-08-26 039
Wave action from a boat passing by.  I took video of this so I can listen to it in the middle of winter.

2011-08-26 057
The sun shining on the shore is beautiful.

2011-08-26 058
People were out enjoying the evening.

2011-08-26 064
Even though I don’t like the sun to go down, I love watching it, especially when it hits the horizon, then you really can tell how fast it is moving.

2011-08-26 081
The dude sets real fast.

2011-08-26 092
The last little bit of it.

2011-08-26 093
The boats start heading in.

2011-08-26 098
The lighthouse starts flashing, even though I didn’t capture it flashing here.

2011-08-26 101
And we head home, too.

Onondaga Park

When I first saw this bathhouse on a postcard, I thought how really interesting it is.
People used to be able to swim in this lake – called Hiawatha Lake.
In fact, they used to dive off the upper part of the bath house. I have the post cards showing people diving and swimming.
There is a pool on the other side of this bath house, which used to be part of the lake.
But not anymore. Now it’s just the pool on the other side that people are allowed to swim in. But that’s okay, because this is still a very cool park. Another structure I love is the band stand.
I have an old picture where, instead of this walkway, they had a structure on a rail that would take the band members back and forth to the island.
2011-07-26 009
Why is this photo crooked? I was sitting on the grass waiting for the Stan Colella Orchestra to start. And then came along some talkers, who talked throughout the entire concert. I don’t know why people who want to talk just don’t stay home.
2011-07-26 022
Ah yes, what I could hear of it, the orchestra was excellent!
2011-07-26 019
Oh, I love the sax!
2011-07-26 021
And the trombone! What is with the pictures? I need to work on this crooked thing!
2011-07-26 025
The evening was wearing on, and the lights came on.
2011-07-26 029
A storm was brewing.
2011-07-26 045
The concert was over with, and the sun was setting, and I was just enjoying the peace and quiet and coolness of the evening.
2011-07-26 047
Another feature I love about Onondaga Park is this stone bridge.
2011-07-26 046
Here it is with the flash turned on.
I found a better photo of it.
I have photos showing a small lake on this side of the bridge, too. Now it’s just a grassy area.
There was a fountain and Japanese pergola here, too, and a waterfall.
There still is a nice picnic grove.

Here’s a bit of history:
When the Woodland Reservoir opened on South Geddes Street in 1894, the old Wilkinson Reservoir was no longer needed to supply Syracuse’s drinking needs. In 1898 the 71 acres around the Wilkinson Reservoir was bought by the city to form Onondaga Park. In 1903 more wooded land (the Olmstead Grove) was acquired and became a popular picnic area near the old reservoir that is still in use today. In 1911 Wilkinson Reservoir was renovated and renamed Hiawatha Lake. Today it is the central focus of Onondaga Park on the southwest side of Syracuse.

Field Horsetail

It doesn’t take much to excite me when I find something I’ve never seen alive in person before.  I was excited when I saw this Field Horsetail Equisetum arvense, but I had to be really careful while touching it because, as you can see, it is surrounded by poison ivy, and I don’t need to go there ever again.

2011-05-12 006

Found while walking along the West Shore Trail on Onondaga Lake. I still can’t believe I’m walking around this lake, because when I was a kid it was majorly polluted. Now, it’s not as bad, but I see dead fish floating along the shore, so. . . you won’t catch me going in it.

Scenes from the Week

Last week, as we all know, there was a beotch of a heat wave, and with the sun feeling like spikes driving themselves into your skin, we sought water and cool places.  We caught the tail end of a car show – there were some awesome cars there, but this one really caught my eye, a 1960 Thunderbird:


And this is why it caught my eye – my Dad had one: (that’s me in my Mom’s hat)


After walking around the car show, we jumped in the water for a night-time swim:


The water was freakin’ hot! Hotter than bath water. So the next night we went to another, much cooler lake. And I wore the mask and am getting used to not being able to breathe through my nose, so I could see the remnants of the steamship The City of Syracuse, which was burned in 1917 and sunk. No pics, sorry.

We went to the Antique Truck Show, and quickly walked around since it was my lunch time:





There were lots more very cool looking trucks!

That night we went to Tinker Falls, where we used to go when I was a kid, and the last time I went was with my parents in 2006. It has greatly changed since I was a kid:



Not much in the way of water coming over the falls, and there were tons of mosquitoes and deer flies, so we won’t go back until those things go away (or bring lots of herbal bug spray).

Then we went for a swim in this water:


Where there were ducks hanging on the edge eating:


It was cool, refreshing, and nice to have the sun go down on a way too hot week:


Festival of Sail, Port of Oswego

Saturday night we went to the Festival of Sail at the Port of Oswego.  The sky was overcast so there weren’t very many people there, but I enjoyed it – it was the perfect temperature!


The Lynx was sitting beyond the break wall for a while.


Here’s the Pride of Baltimore II:



And the Tallship Unicorn:




The Syracuse of Syracuse, NY:


And the LT-5 Tug Major Elisha K. Henson:




A derrick on land:


The Lynx heading back, motoring because there wasn’t much wind.  I was disappointed because I wanted to see the sails!





We had sweet potato fries – these seem to be becoming more popular!  Then we went swimming in Lake Ontario – well, I hung my feet in the lake, because the lake kind of grosses me out – while others went swimming.

And then we went to Rudy’s Lakeside Drive-In – I was so hungry I forgot to take pics!  But we sat next to Lake Ontario eating our fish sandwich, mmmm.

We then walked around Oswego, but it was too dark to take any more photos, but we’ll be going back!