More Bryce Canyon, Good Planets – Oh My! And Flickr

Yesterday I was catching up with all of my email, blogs, etc., and found Good Planets on Flickr – oh my – if you need to see some excellent nature photos (and who doesn’t), you’ll definitely want to check this out.

Here’s three more photos I took from Rainbow Point at Bryce Canyon:

bryce-rainbowpoint2 bryce-rainbowpoint3 bryce-rainbowpoint5

I received an email from a very good friend of mine – actually my best friend from high school (what better friend than a friend you went through high school with, huh)? She said she enjoyed my blog and all of the photos – and she mentioned photos that I *know* I don’t have on my blog. So I finally figured out that all of the photos that I’ve been adding to Flickr as Private for Friends and Family are actually Public because there’s an over-all switch that was set at Public. So I stayed up until midnight testing that (unwanted) people can no longer see *all* of my Flickr photos. This isn’t meant to keep my blog friends and family out, so if there is a photo you would like enlarged, just let me know! And if for some reason my photos are still public, could you please let me know – by that I mean if you click on a photo in my blog and can see it in Flickr, then I’m still public. Thanks!

And now that Yahoo!Photos is out of it’s Beta phase, I’m making sure all of my albums are private there, too. Again, this is not meant to keep my friends out!

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Here’s some more photos from Utah – this time these photos are from my trip in June 2002 to Bryce Canyon. This photo is taken at Bryce Point of the Hoodoos:


This next two were taken from Yovimpa Point:


And here’s the Natural Bridge:


If I remember correctly, we were up at an elevation of 10,000 feet! I love Bryce Canyon and would like to go back there sometime to hike.

Mt. Ogden, Trapper’s Loop, Utah

I just found the following photos on one of the mailing lists I’m on – the person who sent them did not take them. I was so awestruck with the beauty I had to share them with you. I wish I knew who took them so I could give them credit (and ask if I could post them), but I don’t, so here they are. My understanding is this is Mt. Ogden from the Trapper’s Loop on September 17, 2006. I don’t know anything else about them.
Mt Ogden-Trappers Loop - 09172006-01

I took a week-long class in Utah back in June of 2002, in the mountains, and they looked just like this. I’m not sure what that mountain is though, and I didn’t capture photos (stupid – I should have known I was going to blog someday)! Mt Ogden-Trappers Loop - 09172006-02

Are these gorgeous, or what? Mt Ogden-Trappers Loop - 09172006-03

Simply amazing!

Mt Ogden-Trappers Loop - 09172006-04

I think we live in such an amazingly beautiful country!

Northern Cardinal, Snake & Another Old Postcard

This morning while I was shutting the windows to leave for the day, I saw the juvenile male Northern Cardinal on the bird bath. I don’t think he liked the depth of the water, because he would hop in and immediately hop out like he was going to drown (not). He would then flap his wings while standing on the side, sharpen his beak on the edge, hop to another spot on the side of the bird bath, then hop back in and repeat the series of events. This was too cute to watch. He’s getting more red feathers every time I see him.

I saw my snake sunning himself on the front lawn the other day. He was brown/gray and has a yellow stripe down his side. I need a snake book to identify him. This calls for a trip to my local Barnes & Noble (like I need an excuse to go browse in a bookstore)! By the way, I live in an area that is relatively free of scary poisonous snakes so I’m generally not afraid. Until I go to Arizona for a vacation, or a swampy area around here.

And since I try not to make photo-less blog entries, here’s another photo postcard from my Great Grandmother’s photo albums, this one of the Missisquoi River and Jay Peak from No. Enosburg VT:

pg007-02 pg007-02 Hosted on Zooomr

Canadian Pinnacle, East Berkshire, VT

Given that it was way too hot (high of 97 degrees F) and humid to be outside today without feeling like I was going to die, I opted to stay inside with the air conditioner (first day using that, I usually hate air conditioning) and finish transferring photos from my Great Grandmother’s photo albums to an archival photo album for my Dad. My Great Grandmother was born in Canada, and loved Vermont. Here’s one of the photo postcards from her album labelled Canadian Pinnacle, East Berkshire, VT: