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George Eastman House – ‘The Dutch Connection’ and ‘Ag H2O’

On Tuesday we went to the George Eastman House to see The Dutch Connection and Ag H2O. The Dutch Connection had just opened, so the flowers were wonderful.

2013-02-12 002

Seriously, if you point your camera in any direction and shoot, you can’t get a bad photo.

2013-02-12 006

The smell of the flowers – I wish I could share it with you, as I’m sharing their beauty. It was wonderful!

2013-02-12 008

These flowers are just amazingly beautiful!

2013-02-12 009

2013-02-12 069

2013-02-12 048

2013-02-12 057

I just love the flowers in the various places:
2013-02-12 056

2013-02-12 001

And I love the orchids all over:
2013-02-12 014

2013-02-12 055

What’s not to love about flowers this time of year, and what’s not to love about the George Eastman House!
2013-02-12 058

2013-02-12 066

It is so gorgeous! And the Ag H2O exhibition was very interesting. Check it out for yourself!


In Bloom Last Week

In bloom in my Mom’s garden last week, her rhododendrons:

With all of those rhododendron flowers, the big, fat bees go after the littlest flowers:

These little irises are so sweet:

She had lots of other stuff in bloom, but I was too beat last week to take any more photos!

In Blossom in Mom’s Gardens last week

My Mom’s flowers are extraordinarily beautiful this year – or maybe they are every year and it is just nice to see them after no color for so long.

Her woodland garden is full of trilliums:


and Crowned Imperial, among many other flowers:


Her weeping cherry is gorgeous:

Her grape hyacinth had bees all over it:

Trout Lily, I love it so much in the wild:

And hellebore:

George Eastman House, Dutch Connection 2010

Today we went to the George Eastman House to see the Dutch Connection 2010, where at any one time there are over 2,000 blooms on display.   The bulbs selected represent the bulb order placed by George Eastman of 100 years ago.

I absolutely wish I could send the wonderful smell of these blooms to you, because I couldn’t get enough of it the whole time we were there.









The orchids were beautiful, too:








One For November

Wow, I cannot believe it’s the last day in November and I have ignored my blog this month. A lot has happened, but pretty much I haven’t photographed anything but work and Thanksgiving, so here you go, some Thanksgiving photos:

My Mom loves artichoke french, so I have to make it for her, and for me.

My Mom’s Christmas Cactus is actually a Thanksgiving Cactus

Along with the dressing, squash is one of my favorite Thanksgiving day foods

The horn of plenty my Aunt made for my Mom by hand (she also made me one).

I love these Thanksgiving plates

The stuffed Plainville Farm Turkey – looks yummy!

My Mom likes to burn beeswax candles during dinner

Now on to December!


Today as I drove up my Mom’s driveway, I saw a ton of turkeys in her backyard.  I was able to see these guys because a portion of her fence fell down over the winter.  I actually saw one taking a dirt bath!  Didn’t get to capture too many photos, because it all happened so fast, and they didn’t like me coming up the driveway.  But here’s what I did capture!




Lincoln, Graphite, & Maquette for “Swing Low”

After work today Mom and I went to the Memorial Art Gallery to see the “Lincoln in Rochester” exhibition, which was excellent, oh my. No pics allowed, unfortunately, but if you click on the link above you can see some of what I saw. Did you know that John Wilkes Booth has been spotted in the audience at President Lincoln’s second inauguration on March 4, 1865? That sent chills up and down my spine. You can click here to go see that photo on Wikipedia.

We also saw “Leaded: The Materiality and Metamorphosis of Graphite” exhibition, and one of my favorite works in this exhibition is this Skyscraper made out of pencils.  Again, no photos allowed.

Something I could take photos of is this Maquette for “Swing Low” by Alison Saar, 2007, out of bronze.



The sign reads:

Take some time to look at this figure of a woman.  Don’t miss the roots that she trails behind her and the faces and objects that are scattered on her skirt.  This is a portrait sculpture of Harriet Tubman, the heroic woman who escaped from slavery and yet returned to the South between 1849 and 1860 to lead over seventy slaves to freedom.  In later years, she worked alongside Susan B. Anthony to advance women’s right to vote.

Artist Alison Saar was commissioned to create a public sculpture of Tubman for the park at 122nd Street in New York City.  MAG’s work is a maquette, or a smaller version.  Saar represented Harriet Tubman as a person of great determination and strength, and positioned her as an oncoming train because of her reputation as “the Moses of the Underground Railroad.”  Even her petticoat resembles a train’s cowcatcher, pushing aside all obstacles in its path.  Roots signify Tubman’s efforts to uproot slavery, and the uprootedness of the slaves who had to leave everything behind.  “Swing Low” is a Negro spiritual said to be one of Tubman’s favorites.

Finally! More Blossoms!

While I still just have crocus in blossom at my home, my Mom now has violets in her lawn:



And her tulips are coming out:


Some daffodils in blossom:


And primroses:


And her lilac buds are starting to burst open:


Ahhhh, color is coming, slow but sure!

One Year Ago Today. . .

I thought I was in “hell.” This was the day my Dad was taken from us. Today Mom wanted to visit the cemetery, so we took off from work (yay!) and spent part of this beautiful, 64 degree F day in the cemetery he’s buried in.


They still don’t have his bronze plaque on the monument yet. Hopefully next time!

We also visited the cemetery where my Mom’s Mother is buried (among many of our other relatives) and found that someone had carved this little heart seat out of a stump.


We also visited my Grandmother’s cousin, who is almost 90. Wow! Can you imagine living until you’re 90?

Wedding Anniversary

Today is my parents’ Wedding Anniversary. I feel so bad for my Mom, I’m hoping the day isn’t going to be too rough for her, being the first anniversary without my Dad.


My Dad and Mom on their wedding day (scanned from a slide).

My Mom’s tax person suggested she redo her W-4 for this year. She’s submitting it as a single person. Single.?? Not my Mom. She’ll always be married to my Dad in my mind and in her heart.