Onondaga Park

When I first saw this bathhouse on a postcard, I thought how really interesting it is.
People used to be able to swim in this lake – called Hiawatha Lake.
In fact, they used to dive off the upper part of the bath house. I have the post cards showing people diving and swimming.
There is a pool on the other side of this bath house, which used to be part of the lake.
But not anymore. Now it’s just the pool on the other side that people are allowed to swim in. But that’s okay, because this is still a very cool park. Another structure I love is the band stand.
I have an old picture where, instead of this walkway, they had a structure on a rail that would take the band members back and forth to the island.
2011-07-26 009
Why is this photo crooked? I was sitting on the grass waiting for the Stan Colella Orchestra to start. And then came along some talkers, who talked throughout the entire concert. I don’t know why people who want to talk just don’t stay home.
2011-07-26 022
Ah yes, what I could hear of it, the orchestra was excellent!
2011-07-26 019
Oh, I love the sax!
2011-07-26 021
And the trombone! What is with the pictures? I need to work on this crooked thing!
2011-07-26 025
The evening was wearing on, and the lights came on.
2011-07-26 029
A storm was brewing.
2011-07-26 045
The concert was over with, and the sun was setting, and I was just enjoying the peace and quiet and coolness of the evening.
2011-07-26 047
Another feature I love about Onondaga Park is this stone bridge.
2011-07-26 046
Here it is with the flash turned on.
I found a better photo of it.
I have photos showing a small lake on this side of the bridge, too. Now it’s just a grassy area.
There was a fountain and Japanese pergola here, too, and a waterfall.
There still is a nice picnic grove.

Here’s a bit of history:
When the Woodland Reservoir opened on South Geddes Street in 1894, the old Wilkinson Reservoir was no longer needed to supply Syracuse’s drinking needs. In 1898 the 71 acres around the Wilkinson Reservoir was bought by the city to form Onondaga Park. In 1903 more wooded land (the Olmstead Grove) was acquired and became a popular picnic area near the old reservoir that is still in use today. In 1911 Wilkinson Reservoir was renovated and renamed Hiawatha Lake. Today it is the central focus of Onondaga Park on the southwest side of Syracuse.

iTunes Store Issues – Still

So I haven’t been to iTunes in a while, hoping that they had the store problem fixed, and indeed, it still looks like crap:


I mean, really, this is exhausting.  Please, can someone tell me what I need to do to fix this problem?

B. B. King

On Saturday we saw B. B. King and his blues band at the Auditorium Theatre.  While I was waiting for them to come on stage,  I took some photos of the interior:

I had a whole bunch of these in a row, but some guy walked right in front of my camera as I was doing it.

Hmmm, what’s with the spots? I had to run these photos through Photoshop to lighten them up a bit.

Before B. B. King, the Campbell Brothers played, and they go the house a rockin’ – literally.

This balcony was moving up and down quite a bit. I was slightly scared – not enjoying the music for thinking I was going to die. I was later told that at a rock concert the balcony was moving 18″ and supposedly it was made for movement like a bridge – that type of movement, though, I don’t know.  This theatre was built back in 1928, people were smaller and they didn’t bounce around like we do today. I don’t know, to me it still isn’t right.

One of the art deco balcony lights:

From where I was sitting I couldn’t capture the entire band, and I didn’t bring the Coolpix with me, nor did I want to use the flash (that’s so irritating when people flash in a darkened hall):

Close up of B. B. hard at work:

B. B. telling one of his many stories:

He is 83 and he still rocks the world with his blues! You go B. B.!

P.S.  I play B. B. King and The House of Blues CD’s in OHA’s museum’s CD player.  I started it for Black History Month, and haven’t stopped yet!

Thanksgiving 2007 & Snow!

Yesterday morning and the entire night before it had been raining hard. During mid-morning the temperature dropped 10 degrees F, and we had snow on Thanksgiving!


Whenever there is snow on Thanksgiving, it makes me break into the song

‘Over the river and through the woods to Mummy’s house we go. . .’ (substituting Mummy in for Grandmother).


These snow photos are for you, Mary, and anyone else who wants to see a bit of snow.

I only had a couple of panicky moments of missing my Dad. One was when I was setting the table by myself and as I was setting the place where he usually sat for my Mom I started freaking out inside. I almost called out to my Mom, but at that moment my Aunt walked in and started talking, which irritated me at first, but then she did take my mind off of my Dad. The whole process of getting ready for the day was really tough on my Mom, but she is really one smart cookie in that she invited the relatives and had the whole day planned to keep our minds off of things, even though we did bring up my Dad every now and then.

After a delicious meal, we had a musical concert because everyone plays the piano plus other instruments and sings, too. I was the only one not to play and I got in trouble for not playing. Well, I don’t have a piano at home, but they didn’t accept that as an excuse, so next year I have to perform, somehow. I better get boned up on my ragtime again!

The day was perfect, and even Mom’s Thanksgiving cactus was blossoming right on time:


And a wonderful end to a great day:


Eastman Theatre – No Photos Please!

Mom and I went to the RPO again this past Sunday, and as I promised in a previous post, I started taking photos of the gorgeous interior so I could share it with you. I started snapping and over walked this woman handing out pamphlets who told me I wasn’t allowed to take photos. HUH? I asked her why. She said because it is part of the Eastman School of Music. Well, that really wasn’t a good enough answer for me, but my Mother was sitting there, and she is always telling me that I am confrontational and I didn’t want to get a lecture about it later. I did anyway. She asked me why can’t I just say okay to people when they tell me not to do something and just drop it. I said because it was illogical. I can take photos at the Eastman House, but not the Eastman Theatre? I wasn’t taking photos of the people in the RPO, just the theatre. Then I said to her, I wonder what George Eastman would think of my not being allowed to photograph the interior of his theatre. And this is a free country and nobody can tell me where I can and cannot take photos unless it is going to compromise the safety of the country.

So because I don’t get it, I’m still posting one of the three photos, even though it is yucky because I was just warming up to what I needed to do to frame a good photo. This is one of the views from the Mezzanine.


Even so, the RPO’s Casual Sunday Matinee 2: Honor: An American Salute in honor of Veteran’s Day was awesome. Even when they did the Armed Forces Salute and asked the veterans to stand when their song was being played. When they got to the Navy, both Mom and I lost it right on the spot.

I never did get to blog about the first matinee on October 21. They did The Birth of Jazz, and that was awesome, too.

Have you ever been told not to take photos of something you’re really enjoying?


I think I’ve mentioned before that I pretty much like most music. The guy I’m working with at work has an mp3 player so we’re always curious what each other is coming up with for new or rediscovered music. One group I had completely forgotten about that he has on his player is Blackfoot. OMG, remember them? Southern Rock, which I love for sure, and a Native American or two. I looked at the library to see if they had any albums (no) so I’ve downloaded some of their music to my iPod and I’ve been rockin’ to them all week. And I’m not sick of them yet. In fact, I may download more tonight, hmmmm.
I went to their website and they’re touring this year! How awesome! It seems like quite a few of the groups from years past are touring again.


I love album art, don’t you? I love the kitty on this next album cover:


Generally I like music that makes me happy. But there is one song that can cause me to cry on the spot. It happens every time I hear it. Because it makes me think of my Dad. In fact, I just heard it on my way home. It’s ‘Lightning Crashes’ by Live.

How about you, do you have a song that can make you bawl on the spot, or one that makes you smile wide, or one that takes you right back to a special time you associate it with?

Piano Recital

Excuse my lack of posts, work and poison ivy are kicking my butt. The work thing I think I have a handle on though. We’re caught up to the middle of next week, and if we stay caught up, we won’t have to work any more OT for a while. That’s my plan, anyway!

Yesterday, Mom and I went to a piano recital for a teacher she would like to have teach her through the Eastman School of Music. It was great being in the audience for one of these things, for I have been one of those nervous students who for years had to play in front of groups of people I didn’t know. All I can say is, oh my, these students are getting some great education, and there are some really gifted students, too. First up were three sisters, all of 8, 7 and 6, who played the piano, violin and cello, respectively. Here you can see the piano and what I called the world’s smallest cello. Oh, I wish you could have seen these little girls perform. This photo is off-center because I didn’t want people in my photo.


More than half of the students played from memory, which is awesome. And I also noted that the songs they played are like the ones I begged my piano teacher to let me play when I was taking lessons. Boogie woogie, ragtime and jazz tunes. I am so happy for these students, because I had to find and play these types of things on my own. My piano lessons were all about scales and classical music, which is okay to a point, but what kept me interested in that when I wanted to play other things, too? That was one of the reasons why I stopped them and took up downhill skiing.

Here’s a cool window in the building we were in for the recital yesterday. I got bored waiting for it to begin, so I started taking photos of *everything* in sight!


Catching Up

First, I am so sorry to those people who lost family members or are badly injured from the bridge collapse in MN this past Wednesday, but am glad that my blogging friends in MN are okay. Bridges, and anything man-made, freak me out. This bridge collapse has prompted NYS to look at similar bridges in this state. Huh? Okay, how about all of the freakin’ bridges? Especially ones that go over water. Especially the one I go over at least twice a day.

Okay, speaking of bridges, around July 15th they renamed the new Troupe Howell Bridge which crosses the Genesee River in Rochester to The Frederick Douglass – Susan B. Anthony Memorial Bridge.

2007-07-18 DSC01210

2007-07-18 DSC01211

So guess what the name one of the traffic guys on the radio uses for this bridge? The Freddy-Sue. Alrighty then. And the other thing is they want to paint it lilac for the lilac festival. I really hope that is a rumor.

Here’s a pretty fuschia flower for you:


Part of the reason why I was out of touch is I was taking care of my Mom’s home while she was hiking in Yosemite with my older brother:


She is my inspiration on many levels. The woman just lost her husband, and she’s hiking out in Yosemite at her age. It was actually very good for her to get away!

When she came back, we went to the last RPO (Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra) performance for the 2006-2007 season. It was at FLCC’s CMAC (Constellation Brands Performing Arts Center) in Canandaigua which is an open-air center, and the seats I ordered were in a nice breezy part (I have to remember these seats)!

2007-07-28 DSC01258

2007-07-28 DSC01249

If you’re thinking RPO, snorze-ville, it wasn’t! Hmmm, I have to find my brochure, but for the last piece they performed Tchaikovsky’s 1812 Overture and had five (I think) real cannons go off at the appropriate places. Talk about chills going up and down my whole body!!

And then they had fireworks, which we couldn’t see from where we were sitting, so we went on the lawn in back and since there was a mob there already, we didn’t get to see them all, but here’s one of them:

2007-07-28 DSC01264

And there was a full moon and it was orange, spooky, freaky orange:

2007-07-28 DSC01267_crop

Hmmm, it wasn’t orange at my house.

One of Mom’s trumpet vines is in blossom. I love the stripes on the inside of the flower:

2007-07-29 DSC01287

She’s also grown the most beautiful snapdragon I’ve ever seen. My niece and Mom started these seeds indoors during the whole ordeal with my Dad. I encouraged them because I knew Mom and I would need these and other flowers this summer. My niece was a big help!

2007-07-29 DSC01293

I almost got into big trouble with this bee as I was getting real close to it and must have touched it with my camera because it got mad. But I’m getting braver with these stinging things:

2007-07-29 DSC01306

I’m sure I’m forgetting something, but these are some of the highlights from the last couple of weeks. I hope you’re enjoying these dog days of August. I don’t mind them too much, as long as I have air blowing on me and lots of water and juice to drink!

Skaneateles, Skaneateles Lake & Sherwood Inn

Friday night my older brother, my niece, my Mom and I went to Skaneateles to eat at the Sherwood Inn. I drove separately leaving right from work, which gave me time to look around Skaneateles. My Aunt Ruth and I used to hang out here quite a bit when she was alive, as did my parents and I, so being here by myself for a while made me miss her and my Dad. My Aunt and I used to go the Old Stone Mill Restaurant which is in definite need of major repairs and looks like it is getting some (even though the guy working on it was just sitting around).

2007-07-06 DSC01070

Here’s the front of the Mill (I opted for this view with the garbage thing as opposed to the guy lounging on the front stoop):

2007-07-06 DSC01072

Dad, Mom, Aunt Ruth and I took a dinner cruise around the lake on the Judge Ben Wiles. Here it is backing out for another dinner cruise:

2007-07-06 DSC01105

Even though the town I grew up in had a public pool which was full of natural, non-chlorinated water (can you imagine) which my Mom dropped us off at quite often (for lessons and free swimming), she would also bring us to Skaneateles Lake to swim here:

2007-07-06 DSC01099

2007-07-06 DSC01101

This is a wonderful lake to swim in because the water is so clear, you can see the bottom with no trouble (well, at least in the shallow part)!

2007-07-06 DSC01049

This lake is the water source for the City of Syracuse, and my Dad used to tell me the route in which the water took to get uphill to Syracuse. I lent my brother the pamphlet I have on the subject since I didn’t memorize what my Dad told me (hey, he was always supposed to be around to tell me again and again, which he loved to do), so I can’t expound on it here (aren’t you glad)?

2007-07-06 DSC01075

Orchestras and bands play at this gazebo (in fact they did at 7:30 on Friday night and we heard it while eating). I remember my parents bringing us for the concerts when I was quite young:

2007-07-06 DSC01068

I walked down a side street to get to the The Creamery, now home of the Skaneateles Historical Society, but it was closed:

2007-07-06 DSC01081

Shotwell Park is a memorial park located on the lake to remember the veterans of Skaneateles, and there are plaques with the names of the people who served in the various wars:

2007-07-06 DSC01051

Here’s one of the plaques:

2007-07-06 DSC01058

There were lots of ducks on the water, but people aren’t supposed to feed the ducks here (I apologize for these photos, I didn’t want to lug around my Canon, so it was tough to get good photos since the ducks were out pretty far). Here’s a momma duck and her ducklings, oh my, such fluffy sweetness there:

2007-07-06 DSC01057_crop

And a bunch of ducks hanging out together:

2007-07-06 DSC01092_crop

And the reason why we came here, Sherwood Inn, celebrating its bicentennial this year:

2007-07-06 DSC01076

2007-07-06 DSC01077

It’s hard to get a full photo of the Sherwood Inn without cars in front of it, because, well, there’s always cars in front of it.

2007-07-06 DSC01063

We ate on one of the porches, with a beautiful view of the lake. After dinner we went down to the water again, to see the lake at dusk:

2007-07-06 DSC01125

And I looked into the lake:

2007-07-06 DSC01126

I love Skaneateles. New and wonderful memories made at Skaneateles with my family.  Ah, life is good, but that’s a subject for another post!


What is it about Taps that evokes so much emotion when I hear it played on a bugle? You know me, I had to find out the history of Taps, and found interesting information on the West Point website here in case you want to know, too. And here’s another website with all of the information you could ever wish to know about Taps here. I didn’t realize Taps had words also:


Day is done, gone the sun,
From the hills, from the lake,
From the sky.
All is well, safely rest,
God is nigh.

Go to sleep, peaceful sleep,
May the soldier or sailor,
God keep.
On the land or the deep,
Safe in sleep.

Love, good night, Must thou go,
When the day, And the night
Need thee so?
All is well. Speedeth all
To their rest.

Fades the light; And afar
Goeth day, And the stars
Shineth bright,
Fare thee well; Day has gone,
Night is on.

Thanks and praise, For our days,
‘Neath the sun, Neath the stars,
‘Neath the sky,
As we go, This we know,
God is nigh.

The Honor Guard from Mattydale, NY honored my Dad at his burial yesterday by shooting their rifles and playing Taps. Afterwards, they presented my Mom with the nine empty gun shells. They wanted to fold the flag again for us, but Mom couldn’t handle that again since it was very emotional the first time.

And let me just say, yesterday was worse emotionally for all of us than his wake and memorial service. Maybe because reality is setting in, who knows. It all sucks. But at the same time, he is at peace, and I am happy for him. Rest well, my dearest Daddy.  Next thing you know, you’ll be seeing the family you left behind again.


L to R, My Dad’s sister, My Dad’s father, My Dad. Taken at home in LaFayette, NY. I was just starting to scan in his Navy photos, and this is the only one I have so far (well, I have two others, but I wouldn’t show them in public). I need to Photoshop this photo, but I thought I’d share it with you anyway.

Now that we have closure, I feel I can start taking photos again. I told Mom, if Mother’s Day is nice we are going out in the woods! I got no argument from her! As we were driving to LaFayette yesterday I saw the trillium and cowslip aka marsh marigold in blossom in the woods and swamps. I so need to get out and see them up close!