Poetry, or . . .

One of the things my Mom rediscovered while working her way through my Dad’s possessions is a book of poems that my Dad’s sister wrote. Unfortunately my Dad’s sister died when she was only 52. This is one of the reasons why I always tried to appreciate my Dad every day, because even though he was from a line of people who lived to be quite old, I was always concerned about him given his sister died so young.

Back to the poetry. My Mom has been reading through her poems, and even though they are meant to be fully understood by the author alone, my Mom said she is understanding some of them more than she ever did before. One poem my aunt wrote about grief my Mom decided she will read when we bury my Dad next Saturday (no, it’s not over with yet, believe me, I can’t wait for this part to be done with).

So while my brain was in its creative mode during the night, I wrote something in my head, it’s not a poem, and I don’t know the rules for Haiku, but here it is, I don’t care if I’m following any rules or not (I don’t do rules anyways) – it is VERY meaningful to me.

Tinker Falls
warm summer days
remind me of You

MD06 020
(Tinker Falls, which I blogged about here, taken on a hike with my Dad and Mom on Mother’s Day 2006)

If you want to understand the ‘Tinker Falls’ line more, please read my blog post that I linked to below the photo.

I am so fortunate to have spent so many warm (hot) summer days in the past few years alone with my Dad working around my parents’ home while my Mom was at work. And while working, he always had stories for me. Those memories will always be cherished in my mind. And I’m having a good cry for myself right now. A good release from the work week, for sure.

Oh, and I guess it’s my one year blogiversary here. For some reason it’s no big deal right now. I’ll be glad when I feel like celebrating everything in life again!